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New: Desert Spring & Giveaway

EDIT: Giveaway finished.

Just wanted to give you a heads up about my new kit that will be going up over the next week! It was inspired by some photos from an afternoon last spring. Last winter was exceptionally rainy and we were rewarded with a pretty intense spring.


Keep in mind we live in the desert, so anything green is pretty exceptional.

You can check out the assets and layouts here.

Some excitement you can look forward to with this new kit release:

  1. Probably tomorrow I'll put up a new Facebook freebie, so stay tuned.
  2. There will be a special coordinating mini kit in the newsletter this week.
  3. I have set up a new Kit Challenge, you can enter as many times as you'd like for more chances to win!
  4. The following giveaway:

Desert Spring Giveaway

We still haven't set up the alphas for download on the site, so once again I'm going to give them away! Please leave a comment here telling us about a recent wonderful afternoon you had.

To be considered for the giveaway, your profile must follow our Profile Expectations. I will select the winners on Nov 19th. You have a 10% chance of winning.

Good luck!

Can't wait - I have had my eye on it since you put up the preview on the Kits page!

Edited to add, I read too fast. A wonderful afternoon? We have been having Indian Summer, so every afternoon lately I have walked the 1/2 mile to pick my 8YO up from school and as I walk under trees that are sprinkling leaves and dogs that bark greetings along the way, I am reminded that I am blessed beyond measure.

I look forward to seeing it, thanks

Thanks for the heads up. I'm looking forward to seeing it. smiley

Looking forward to it, thanks. It looks great.

Well, I'm not sure if we're supposed to talk about our wonderful afternoon or not. Either way, I'll go ahead.

Today was pretty darn perfect. I got both of my girls up for my youngest's 9 month doctor visit. My eldest (almost 3 1/2) was an amazing listener and charmed the doctor and nurse. Sophia, my youngest had a fantastic visit. Despite being born 3 months early weighing in at 2 pounds 7 ounces, she's currently in the 25th percentile for height, weight, and head circumference. Along with that, it looks like her ankle issues will resolve on their own (vs. needing sleeping splints or braces). To top it off, the doctor said that she doesn't have any concerns about her mental development and skill sets.

On the way home we grabbed some food and are now watching cartoons together while eating. Before too long both of the girls will go down for a nap and I'll get a little bit of mommy time. What a perfect morning/afternoon!

Yes! You are supposed to talk about your lovely afternoon! And what a wonderful afternoon it was!

My wonderful afternoon took place over this past weekend. I got to spend all day Sunday with my two beautiful children. My husband went away for the day so it was just me and the kids. We had a really fun and relaxing afternoon! We baked peanut butter, chocolate chip, coconut cookies together (a task when your children are only 3 and 18 months), built a fort in the living room and had story time and a picnic in it, took a two hour nap together and made a fabulous supper together (my daughter helped to peel the veggies)! It might not sound like anything spectacular but to me those moments are the very best in life!!!

I LOVE the desert and that photo is just beautiful. I just downloaded some of the elements from the kit and am so super excited to get started creating something. Thanks!

Well, I understand that concerns have a good afternoon, good, for a good afternoon for me is surf the internet and watch designs and scrap with my photos.

Hi! My good afternoon was actually yesterday... I went to a gallery opening for my Drawing professor from Art School... I haven't seen him since 2006 and I went and saw all his absolutely amazing paintings and had a nice chat with him and I ran into another of my old professors and had a lovely talk with him. All in all an excellent afternoon!

I had an awesome afternoon recently. I am part of a project from my city´s culture deparment about storytelling and classic music. But the city district asked us to have a session in a Wednesday noon... Who would see us there? We were a bit depressed, thinking almost no one would come at that day/time... when 75 students from a nearby kindergarten appeared!!!!! They were one of the best audiences, if not the best one we had this year! It was sooooooooooo cool see those little eyes blinking, being scared of the witch, paying attention even in a long presentation of classic music... The theater was filled with soul smiley

I love that alpha. So fresh and colorful!

The best afternoon for me is when my newly made friends (I haven't had any friends since I moved here 4 years ago) come over for an afternoon of movie and food. We each make a different dish and we all share and it's just a great time of fun and good eat!

Today was great afternoon but yesterday afternoon was Fantastic! I found out I have a new Granddaughter born at 10:36 am on election day. An afternoon couldn't get any better then that! Her name is Astrid Rose. Love the meaning of her name too!
Astrid \a-st-rid, as-trid\ as a girl's name is pronounced AS-trid. It is of Old Norse origin, and the meaning of Astrid is "fair, beautiful goddess". Scandinavian name.

Popular person with this name is:

Astrid Lindgren (1907-2002)

Sweidsh Author and Screenwriter

Author of Pippi Longstocking

Sweet!!! The best afternoon I've had recently was the day I rode 8 miles for the first time. It was a beautiful fall Sunday. I just cruised along this path that runs by the river. It was glorious!!!

@Christy: May I ask, what did you ride? A motorcycle, A Horse, A Bike??? smiley

I think this afternoon will be wonderful - it has been snowing like crazy here in Utah! I'm at work now, and there are about 4 inches on the ground! I think it will be time for my little girl's first adventure crawling in the snow!

Judging by your answers, scrappers seem to have a good taste for enjoying little happiness smiley

@Mary Congratulations for the new life on your family! Astrid is really a great name!

Recently, well Saturday, before the other half of the clan got ill, we spent the afternoon in the backyard, like we would during the summer, and play with chalk and shoot hoops. It was a nice 70 degree day. Now, it's icing, and snowing and the high for the day is 20. I'm glad we were able to make it outside one last time before winter hit.

Yesterday was great for me, it actually started in the morning.
I started by baking a loaf of bread then I headed outside towards my vegie patch and in hot pursuit were my two dogs (Gabe & Ben) they knew what was about to happen smiley Strawberry time, yes my dogs love strawberries and tomatoes and fruit (they actually sit under the trees waiting for the fruit to drop, or if they can reach it they pull them off smiley )
After lunch I started off by making strawberry jam and then strawberry syrup and I still had strawberries left over so strawberry ice cream was next. Am I strawberried out, not likely I love strawberries smiley

That sounds heavenly, Liz... I just smiley strawberries...

Thanks everyone for sharing your wonderful afternoons.

This time we had two winners: Lizanne and Jeannie. Check your emails, I'll be sending out details soon!

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