Do you have a favorite scrapbook layout?

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Do you have a favorite scrapbook layout?

I was curious, what is your most favorite scrapbook layout or spread you have ever made?

This is a very difficult question... I don't think I have one in particular that would be my favorite. Of course, I have many that I don't like (and not all of them were made a while ago unfortunately, LOL!). I would say that I like my layouts that document our life or vacation with journaling. And then you might say that this thread needs pictures to be posted! I'll have to struggle a lot to find a favorite...

I have a favorite project, the scrapbook I made after my baby sister got married. I could never choose just one layout, though, not even out of her book.

How about a favorite style?

I really like the scrapbook I made for my husband for our first anniversary. I like most of Marissa's stuff, especially the lovey dovey stuff involving pink, hearts, and scatters.

Digitally so far I like these;

I love the look of the floating minimalistic pages but cant seem to do them....any handy hints?
My fave pages are ones of my babies

@Amber: I have a board here on Pinterest where I pin minimalist layouts. I think the easiest way to get started is to pick one you like and copy it as exactly as you can. Then keep doing that. Eventually you'll internalize whatever makes those layouts great and you can move on to making your own.

It changes every time I look at my books!

Right now I'm into pocket-style (project life) layouts. Before, I was very minimalist, and I'm sure I'll tire of the pockets soon. smiley

Hmm... I think Im partial to lace, scrolls and vines.

Its funny, but most of my favourite layouts right now are paper layouts. This one is one I did quite a while ago, but I really like it because it has pictures of both my grandmothers and my great granny (my mother's grandmother).

@Cat Wish I had b/w pictures like that too.

The introvert's favorite colors, black white red and gray. Wouldn't you say?

@Cat Wish I had b/w pictures like that too.

The introvert's favorite colors, black white red and gray. Wouldn't you say?

smiley I don't know if I'm much of an introvert, but I loved the patterned paper and the co-ordinating colours in it were either pink & red which didn't go with the pictures, so grey and black it was. smiley I just realized too that the bottom trim is on up side down. smiley I took that page out of the album and good thing its a cling type border, so I was able to lift it off easily and reposition it the right way up.

Until recently my favorites were very simple and linear but lately I've had fun playing with mixing patterned papers. My favorite theme project is of old family photos but I seem to be stuck on layout ideas lately. Hopefully the challenges wll help inspire me.

I forgot to add when I posted and in answer to A.d. de guzman about the b&w photos. They are photos my mom has that I scanned and printed myself. They are actually colour photos. I didn't know whether to b&w or sepa, but I think the b&w looked better with the papers I wanted to use. I just used a pair of deckle scissors around the edge to give them even more of a vintage look. smiley

I don't have favourites. I don't tend to use templates or anything of the sort, so each one just kind of "happens". I did some pretty neat stuff for a wedding scrapbook (all printed paper- incidentally how I found pixelscrapper, searching out "stuff" with which to work!) which made me really happy and apparently the couple really, really liked it. smiley

My digital layouts tend to be rather... flat. I try to focus on the pictures with the other stuff as accent, instead of the other way round, which makes for 20-element layouts instead of 200 layers. smiley SIMPLES.


Either way, love it. smiley