Any awesome Gimp tutorials?

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Any awesome Gimp tutorials?

Have you come across any great Gimp tutorials? I'm learning a lot from the few I've found, but I'm sure there is so much more. I'm just dabbling in the basics so far, so I don't even know what I'm missing out on ... but I'd love links to anything y'all found helpful or inspiring.

I mostly use Photoshop tutorials, so If you check out some of the tutorials here, you should be able to make them work, you just have to find the locations of the tools as they differ greatly compared to Photoshop

Thanks Emily, I have tried to follow along on a couple different PhotoShop tutorials and gotten a little bit out of them. But I'm terrible at finding what they're talking about when it's in a different location or has a different name ... then I stop to Google it, find where/what it is in GIMP, and by then I've totally lost my focus!

Anyway, I came across this blog with some GIMP tutorials, but it's mainly making things like word art and recoloring elements. So I wanted to share in case anyone else is interested in learning. Scroll down and look on the left for the list of tutorials.

I just found this resource, which looks great! It's

It has how to make stickers, stitching, applying papers to alphas, recoloring, making papers, and much more. That's just what I've skimmed through so far to see if it looked clear and easy to follow!

@Laura: Thanks so much for sharing your found resources for our other Gimp users! smiley Have a great day!

Thanks Shawna, I'm just hoping someone else can use them. And of course if I ever lose them, they'll be here! LOL

Well, I've watched a bunch on YouTube...(we don't have satellite or cable, and for a while not even the analog box to convert old TV's to the new digital)..So I'd watch them on our TV using my son's new PS3 while doing laundry etc. So unfortunately I didn't mark them as good or bad. My brother started me on GIMP last summer.

But I'd have to go back through my watched history and try and remember which ones were good.

I did find this today, while looking for how to convert from RGB to CMYK to quality check my papers for the Blog Train. Not that I found that.

quality-printing-with-gimp.html I did try to set up my GIMP like he was suggesting in the Pre-Flight Check area....but I don't know if that has solved today's question for me or

So much to learn.

Looks interesting, thanks other Laura! smiley

Okay, I know this is a really old post, but I just found this website with Gimp tutorials. Maybe helpful?

Jess; Thanks for sharing that for our Gimp users! I'm sure it will come in very handy in the future for several people.

Thanks Jess! I've not been doing much lately in GIMP.

BUT Wanted to share where a few things are located in GIMP. Give them a try.

To make simple shapes:

To do an old Spiralgraph:

Was working on some Quilting, Double Wedding Ring, which is hard, so I was having my son's PS3 run through a play list for me on our TV from YouTube...I know sounds off topic, stay with me.

Somehow, it came to the end of the quilting list I had and jumped into playing some of the

GIMP tutorials

I have viewed before.

GIMP 2.6 tutorial for beginners - Fly Apart Image

You'll probably want to check this fellow out on YouTube, even if you aren't interested in this specific tutorial...because he was one of the GOOD tutorials, and talkers as he demonstrates things. You can tell he is a good instructor as well. You may even want to subscribe to him on YouTube. I don't know why I wasn't, because I just saw two of his tutorials. It is probably because I was bouncing back and forth from my hubby's iphone and my son's PS3 to watch this stuff, so I didn't know how to subscribe on one thing or another, like the computer.

Okay, so I was looking through his list of videos, and he has some on:

CSS (don't know what that is, and I don't have time right now to figure it

Along with some
HTML5 Basics
JavaScript & jQuery

But I couldn't find his just go here to Tutor4U Channel on YouTube.

@Shawna, Just wondering if this thread might fit better in the new Software Specific area? We've got a GIMP thread running there and someone asking about where to find things for GIMP. (I'm on my iTouch now, so I'll have to go by later to set up a direct link to this thread, I'm all thumbs this way. smiley lol

Thanks for pointing it out Laura: I will move it over there now. smiley

I haven't gone through these tutorials yet, but I have heard they are great. I just found the site, and plan on working through some of them this weekend.

Her site is a great one for inspiration, and full of vintagey goodness.

Thank you ladies for sharing!

Oh my goodness!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!I am so excited about finding this! smiley Yay! I have done a lot of watching on YouTube which does have some great tutorials. This is a great resource! Thank you! (And I am SO excited about figuring out stickers, stitching, etc!)

I am on this GIMP trail here!!! Any info I would appreciate! also I found a blog that helped me with learning how to use a clipping mask! shes is great love her blog!!! smiley is AMAZING! She (with a dash of BecomingMartha-LOVE!) is pretty much how I learned to get my Gimp on! smiley So glad to find all of these other resources though! Hopefully one tells me how to play with the transparency of a brush! smiley

Thank you so much for sharing that excellent link, Laura! I've been learning GIMP through trial and error but that's so time-consuming...and sometimes pretty frustrating! Some Photoshop tutorials are helpful, as suggested by another community member, but figuring out what GIMP calls each tool isn't so obvious. Anyhow, thanks again! smiley

Wowzers! I just made it to the bottom of this message thread and am seriously impressed with all of the helpful suggestions...thank you, ladies!

Thanks for sharing your links, Diane, Jules, Lorey! More things to just to find the time. lol smiley