ISO: real flower embellishments

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ISO: real flower embellishments

I am looking for real flower, and plant embellishments. Also for art supplies, like crayons, markers paint themes. I also like music. swills and soft floral overlays.

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Hi they have some lovely things at this store
E-scape And Scrap

Thank you Heather these remind me of my old tea set, and plates. smiley

Here's what I found!

Crayon Madness by AprilTheScrapaholic

A Lifetime of Learning by Zesty Digi designs

School Supplies Set 1 and Set 2 by Creations by Rain

Color your world by Wendy P designs (has real flowers AND paint/art supplies). If you like her style, she regularly offers freebies on her blog.

Tina, I love it the frames are so cute I smiley this. from Crayon Madness by AprilTheScrapaholic.

Melouise I never seen any thing like this before it is imaginative and AWSOME!!!

Thanks Tina I like the art kit. The flowers were also beautiful smiley smiley

If you are a do it yourselfer, I have picked and dried flowers in paper towels, pressed them in books, then scanned them. They keep their color well. Pansies are especially lovely. There is something that feels good about making your own embellishments. I would never have time to do enough to be a designer, but just to do a little for myself is satisfying.

Scanner necessary, of course. I don't know what I'd do without mine! They run all prices and the less expensive ones work nicely for scrapbooking. I've also picked and laid the flowers or leaves right on the scanner glass without drying them flat first. You need to lay something like a cloth over top of them since, unless the flower is already quite flat, you need them covered.

The most time taking part is extracting the flowers in Photoshop, (or other software) from the background. So simple shapes are easier.

(I hope this post shouldn't be under a different topic.)

Nope, you posted exactly where you needed to... smiley
Glad to have you as part of our little community!!! Welcome to PS!!!

Peg said: (I hope this post shouldn't be under a different topic.)

Peg that is a really neat idea, I also like to scan in my real embellishments and use them for digital.

Marina I love the lilies bunched together like that thank you I found other flowers than roses, for some reason most people have just roses or simple flowers. I like color and unique shapes.

Shawna thank you for welcoming me.

It's my pleasure Kendra!!! Glad you're fitting in so well... and digging in to the wealth of knowledge everyone is always so willing to share. smiley

Kendra, I know that Marisa, Brooke, and I all have school based kits. My collection includes markers, crayons, colored pencils, paint splats, and a couple of music elements.

School Supplies Kit
School Elements Kit
It's Elementary, My Dear Bundle

Maybe one of them will have some of what you're looking for. smiley

Thanks Janet these are the things I was looking for I just love the It's Elementary, My Dear Bundle smiley smiley smiley

So glad to hear it Kendra! smiley

If you're a fan of vibrant colors, there will be more goodies coming from me before too long. I have a huge bundle that will be transferred over to Pixel Scrapper eventually (though I have a few more kits in the works that will be released first). This is my Quilted with Love bundles.

Also, I know that both Marisa and Brooke have created some gorgeous colorful kits. You may want to try the key words 'colorful' or 'rainbow' in the search portion of the site. That may lead to you to a few elements, and from there you can find the coordinating kits.

I have flower element packs hereCrafting With Jack

Thanks Janet I love the bright poppy colors.

Thanks Angela I like the website cut dog, and I love the real flowers.