ISO: wedding elements for same-sex marriages

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ISO: wedding elements for same-sex marriages

So I'm scrapping wedding pages for my best friend and his husband. All I can find are hetero couples. Anyone know of any boy-boy or girl-girl elements out there for wedding pages? I'll be scrapping a friend and her girlfriend soon too!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I haven't seen any around, but I'll keep my eyes open. smiley Maybe you could make something cute on your own if you can't find something? Do you have a certain style/look you are interested in? Or a specific idea for elements you'd want? I'm not a designer, but I'd love to help out and try to make something. smiley

I've done a search, but you are quite right; there are no same-sex wedding kits around! Maybe you could post a request in the Freebie section here on Pixelscrapper, there are always designers willing to create a custom-made kit! Be sure to indicate what sort of style you're looking for (or maybe just post a request in one of your favorite designers' freebie thread).

You could also try to stay away from the same-sex reference when it comes to embellishments. Just stick to ribbons, bows, weddingrings, flowers and a weddinglike colorscheme.

In what ways would things differ? What sorts of elements or word art would you like to see?

So, I asked a friend of mine (who is familiar smiley ) and here's what she suggests...

2 brides/2 grooms... rainbows... "hers & hers" "his & his" towels, 2 garters (could be male or female) 2 bouquets, 2 bow ties/vests, gender signs (doubled), blue & yellow equality sign, champagne glasses groom/groom & bride/bride....Sayings... "love is love", "no h8", "my partner, my best friend"

I'll try and work on some stuff!

Thanks Tina!

Thanks, Tina!!! That is EXACTLY what I would have suggested. I'm specifically wanting to put two grooms together. If the kits would have the couples separately, I'd be okay but they are all connected. I even did a search on same sex marriage clipart but I'm looking for something a little more sophisticated, I guess.

I did use some double wedding rings and a wedding cake that look good. I just don't want to make it overly bows, hearts and flowers, ya know? Their wedding was very sophisticated, classic and beautiful in red, black, silver and white. So I've really tried to keep my pages that way too.

Thanks everyone!!!