Help! I need an Etsy shop name!

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Help! I need an Etsy shop name!

I'm going to open an etsy shop, I got hooked up thru a friend to get my first 40 listings free so I figure why not? The thing is, I need a shop name! I don't intend to sell any one thing, just whatever I create in any medium. I'm really bad at this naming thing... "crazycat1126" is my aol screen name from when I first got a computer in 8th grade and I pretty much still use it for everything, lol. But I don't think it will make a good etsy shop name! So, any suggestions??


Hi Catherine, good Luck with your venture smiley

maybe.... Art and Dreams

*I often look through the dictionary for random words and that can trigger Ideas too

Crazy Cat Art? Crazy Cat Stuff? Cat´s Place?

oooo... these are getting the ideas going

my husband liked "CatsCrafts"

but I looked on etsy and there are a handful of variations on that already...

so I was thinking "cats this and that crafts" and then it evolved to "ThisandThatbyCat"

Not too long is it??

I think that is a mouthful to say. How a bought Crafty Cats, or 1126 Crafty Cats. Use something a lot of people can say quickly easy to remember than they remember the name and tell others. Most of the top stores use one or two word names.

Congrats on your new store! I think a shorter name would be better, too. Anytime you can include what you sell in the title, it's a good thing. You may also want to keep it shorter in case you want to create a logo. CraftsbyCat might work. CraftyCat could work, too. Adding small words could help to find a name ACraftyCat. My store is CraftBliss on Etsy if anyone here wants to follow each other. smiley Also, joining a team is a good idea. Good luck!

I second CraftyCat. That sounds catchy and you could make a cool logo with the double Cs.

Now you guys have me thinking about logos! I plan to sell anything I feel like making at the time. So the store has no real direction and I don't really care if I don't make money, lol.

I did a search for stores and there were already some crafty cat /cat's crafts type names out there. And I like the ring this and that has with cat. I did change it to thisnthatbyCat for now tho.

The nice thing about it is that I can easily change the name if I ever do want to "rebrand" and take the store in a more profit driven direction.

Thanks for all of your input ladies!

My store just went live, yay! smiley

Kitty Cath Crafts... like Kitty Cat but Cath.

Not super great. I know. But I just love it when Catherines, Kaitlyns, Kates etc have kitty-related nicknames. I call my niece Kaitlyn Kitty Kate.

I would suggest using your name with Designs as the end. or "something" by YOUR NAME. If this is a shop that may transition to a full website you will want your brand to come up when people search for you.

I also suggest watching the Etsy shop videos by Renae Christine on YouTube. I went from no sales... made a few changes she suggested and made my first sale within days.

Congrats on the new store!

Thanks Marisa!

Thanks for the tips Sarah, I'll be sure to check out those videos!

Love the name. It's easy to remember. I can't wait to see what else you put in there.