Wicked Part 3: Impressions?

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Wicked Part 3: Impressions?

How are things going? I think we're about half way now. Who's still with us? What are your thoughts so far?

I am still with you all.
I have actually finished and found each of the parts only loosely held together and I guess this is how Elphaba is meandering through her life.
Elphie seems happy in this part.

I'm still here (finished it) and I agree with Jacinta - the different parts are so fragmented!

Part 3 was - possibly - my least favourite part. The odd affair did not hold any interest for me and seemed to detract from the horrific background tale of the subjugation and "dehumanisation" of the Animals. Elphie's resistance work is so poorly detailed that it fails to engage or excite you in any way.

The sexual scenes are clumsy and tasteless and "love" seems to spring from nowhere.

This section seemed particularly rich in redundant scenes and circular, pointless conversations and philosophying monologues and by the end I was thoroughly fed up.

As far as I could tell, the point of section 3 was to give a weak excuse for moving Elphaba into section 4.