PS Oct 2013 Blog Train: Working

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PS Oct 2013 Blog Train: Working

Here's this month's palette. The theme is "Thankful." The blog train will go live on Oct 1, see here for more instructions.

Feel free to pin inspiration to our Pinterest board. If you'd like to be added to the board, please leave me a comment here.

woohoo! smiley I've been pinning... stuff about being thankful, and things I'm thankful for, like love, family, etc. I was trying to find a few things to imply the beauty of nature, and just fall things - like sweaters, argyle, leaves, crisp/cool air, stuff like that. I also thought that feathers might be a cute element to throw in there, sort of implies Thanksgiving turkeys without being all turkey-y (if that makes any sense) smiley

I think I have to get back to work now, but I might get all excited about it again and pin more stuff, we'll see smiley

Meg, you are really the Pinterest Queen! Did you just spend an entire week there?! I am very thankful for you - I had no idea in what direction to think, you really gave me a path to follow. {hugs}

hahahaha smiley I'm very non-productive at work today smiley just keep on going down the rabbit hole... smiley but happy I could help get your creative juices flowing! smiley

I've been toying with the idea of joining the design challenge next month. Would it be okay to use this theme/pallet?

Looks to be a great BT with this palette. Hope I can manage it around my vacay schedule!

I joined Pinterest a while back but it seems I don't have a clue how to "Pin" things to the Pixel board.

yay, I´m in!

People, take this time to remember that we are not all on north hemisphere! I´d love to see something for spring/summer too! And IMO it´s a nice palette for all seasons ellies...

Looks like we all picked a good color scheme..... I can't wait to join in on this one... It is my first for this site, but I have been a member here since the beginning... thought i would help out for once and be more involved.... Love what you all do for everyone Marisa... ((HUGS)) Michelle

Love the "Thankful" theme and the rich colors. There's always something to be thankful for and "thankfulness" certainly provides an unending source of inspiration. Melouise you made me laugh with your "northern hemisphere" comment---We do forget! I loved the reminder! smiley smiley

So how does the blog train work? Do you post later of what things to design or do you just start designing or is it just one person?

@Amanda: Instruction for joining are here. It's pretty simple, you just make your part and then when the time comes I'll put up a thread for everyone to share their blog links.

@Kay: If you have a Pinterest account and are interested in pinning inspiration for this train, leave a comment here. This is totally optional, and you can always just look at what other people are pinning for inspiration.

Working on this and mine isn't quite fall-more general.

Love this color palette. I'm still so new to the creating side, I don't know if I will have anything to add to the BT, but I will certainly check out what every one else is doing.

I think I understand how to participate, but I just want to clarify. Do I create anything or am I assigned something specific to make up a whole kit? I read it should be smaller as to be manageable, but I am unsure if I should do something like a mini kit or just some elements. Looking forward to it and I love this palette! smiley

Dee, the name of the kit is established and the color palette, but the contents are all yours. You can make a set of papers or a whole mega bundle, that is up to you too. Just have fun. If you want some ideas go look at some of the previous blog-trains and feast your eyes. Ask more questions if necessary. You are in good company. xoxox Beth

Loving this palette! =D

Thanks so much, Beth! I'm looking forward to participating. Time to feast my eyes on the previous goodies for inspiration. smiley

Beautiful palette!

Is anyone going to make glitter styles for this blog train? I really want to use matching ones but have no idea how to make them and was wondering if I could mooch someones, lol. smiley

I'd love to join to look at Pinterest now smiley x

Loved this pallette during the pool...thankful to vote for them..;I'm in Ladies!!!!

Would like to join. Can links to download be in the train list? I do not have a blog.

Definitely IN! Great palette!

I'll see about making some glitters today.

Awesome, thanks Marisa! smiley

@Andene: Yes, they can. It´s just a matter of, when you post the preview in the preview post, include the download link istead of your blog smiley

Alright I've made the glitter files. If you'd like to use them, just send me an email and I'll send you the download link. ([email protected])

I am so excited! I've already worked on this and am almost done. Need to make sure I'm doing it right! So excited!!!

I'm in!

Great combo. I have to go check out pinterest, now I will get nothing done;)