Anybody know of a good free program to Clean Computer

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Anybody know of a good free program to Clean Computer

I tried doing a search and then downloaded one that said free and then of course they wanted you to pay for cleaning after they found all the bad things on the computer. I had one years ago and can't remember the name of it but it was great. I don't mind paying a little if I get a referral from someone that actually uses it and it works good. Please if anyone is using one and it works good please let me know the link. Thanks

CCleaner is a good free one that I've used to clean up junk. It's just for PC.

Advanced System Care cleans and repairs.

Spybot Search and Destroy for spyware.

Both work well as well as the CCleaner as Marisa stated.

I've been using CClearner for years and like it.

Just be careful when you download the free ones. I HATE when I download something free and it comes with a TON of adware, spyware. Yuck. Isn't that what I just wanted to get rid of people?!?

Marisa, beat me to it! I was gonna say CCleaner also

that's what i use, it's great!! and free! the free version is what you want, downloads fast sets up in a snap! and it doesn't come with any adware or things you don't want, it's legit!

Thanks you all. I will check them out. It gives me some choices.

Yes, please be careful. I used CCleaner (have for several years) and my internet browser started giving me major problems. Fortunately tech support guys for my new computer helped even though software isn't part of what they have to do. I had to delete my profile and make a new one. Don't forget to back up your bookmarks if you ever have to do that! I don't know what it had to do with CCleaner, maybe just coincidence. Best to have a good system backup though. Something I've been neglecting.