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ISO: Preview Tutorials

I hate, hate, HATE my previews! I could use some help with a better way of presenting my kits. Not a template or action, but actual instructions, I guess!

Hmmm, I don't remember seeing any tutorials on how to make an acceptable (or great) preview. I guess the way to start is going through your stash and try to figure out what kind of previews you like and why. After you figure out what you really like in a preview, compare them to your own and you will probably see what you dislike about your own preview with a clearer 'eye'. At least, that would be my tip of the day... I'll dig around to see if anyone has done a tut on perfecting your preview - I can also learn a thing or two smiley

I know in the past I've heard of designers who hate to do previews... So they "hired" someone to do it for them. In return that person gets the kits free of course to create the preview with. smiley just throwing an idea out there for you... maybe?

I'd second the idea to look around at one's you like and then copy them. I just try not to look at them too much, since there's usually not a great way to do (you can never make one that show's everything to best advantage), so I just do it, do it quick and spend more time on other things.

I guess the hint is: Make element clusters as the preview were a real scrabook pages. It draws interest to the kit. And. about the papers, if you have a kit with contrasting colors, order the papers from lighter to darker or the opposite; if your colors aren´t contrasting, mix the papers. Also make sure not to put an element on top of a paper that won´t make it show up, and that you do the best shadowing work you can make. Shadowed previews are way better and it´s not necessary to write "shadows for the preview only", as it´s the standard these days.

All great ideas! Thanks!