All About Me Album Ideas & Suggestions

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All About Me Album Ideas & Suggestions

Yay! I finally located my AAM information that I've been looking for, so I'm going to share! This was GREAT for this book!

All About Me Album

Page 1: Cover Page - Album title, name and senior picture

Page 2: Dedication Page - Why create the album
This album is dedicated to my family and friends, so that everyone who is important to me will know what my life was like. I hope you will be able to know me better through my scrapbook. You can learn all about my likes and dislikes, what makes me tick, what makes me sad, and what I love best!

Page 3: Your Beginning - Include the info. from the day you were born. What do you know about the day? Include your stats, if you know them. If possible, you may want the perspective of others on the day of your birth. I'm sure there are websites where you can find out information about the day you were born--like a time capsule. Maybe you even have a newborn photo!
Christina Marie Watkins, Friday, January 23, 1976; 7 lbs. 7 ozs.; Offutt AFB, Omaha, Nebraska; "This Day in History"; Baby Pic

Page 4: Childhood Activities - Art lessons/Girl Scout Best of Show, Piano lessons/recitals, Church choir/All-city choir, church activities - camp, Girl Scout camp, Little Miss Miller County pageant; What activities were you involved in as a child? Scouting, 4-H, lessons, baseball, soccer, etc. Did you enjoy participating, or were you forced into it? How long did you do it? Were you any good at it? How do you think participating in this activity influences your life today?

Page 5: Childhood Activities - continued

Page 6: Kindergarten - 8th grade - schools attended, extracurricular activities; The first part of this week's challenge is to do a layout about your K-12 school years. What was a typical day like? What did you accomplish that you were proud of? What schools did you go to? What was your opinion of school? Were you involved in any activities? Who were your friends? What value do you place on education?

Page 7: High School Years - schools attended, extracurricular activities; Think back to your high school years...the clothes, hair, slang words, etc. Did you follow the trends or do your own thing? If you could do it again would you change anything?

Page 8: 100 Things I Love - Things I love: list 50-100 things that you love. Including the small things (cookies, the smell of winter, taking a walk). Guess we'll have to thank Rebecca Sower for this too! She did a great page in her new book, and she had 100.
1. Family
2. Friends
3. my children
4. my mother
5. scrap booking
6. education
7. chocolate
8. coffee
9. cross stitching
10. browsing the Internet
11. singing
12. music

Page 9: 100 Things I Love - continued

Page 10: Family - What are your fondest memories of spending time with your family (or other older people very close to you). What types of things did you do? What did you learn from them? Write about your brothers and sisters growing up. Older, younger, how many, etc. Did you like them? What did you do together? Are you still as close as you were as kids? Are you closer? Are you an only child? Don't feel left out!! How did you feel about being an only child? Did you want brothers and sisters? Did you make believe some? Or were you glad you were an only child? What do you remember about your parents from your childhood? When you think of your Mom or Dad, what specific thing comes to mind? Do you remember your Mom cooking in the kitchen? Do you picture your Dad in his fishing boat? Close your eyes and picture them. What are they doing? Is it something they did a lot, or just a happy time that you spent with them? Journal about that memory and why it is special to you.

Page 11: Friends - What do you value in a friend? Do you find it easy to make friends? Are you outgoing or shy? How has the Internet changed your view of friendship? Do you have a best friend? Who is your oldest friend? Do you think having friends is important? How close are you to your friends?

Page 12: Traditions - Do you do special things on your birthday? How did those traditions start? How does your family make your day special for you? Have you always had a party? Have you never had a party? Is your birthday just another day, or do you treat it like a holiday? Whether it's picking pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, bobbing for apples, or trick-or-treating, we all have fall traditions. Journal about where you go, what you do,
and why you enjoy it. How did your tradition get started? What's your favorite part? How long have you been doing it?

Page 13: People You Are Thankful For - Who are the people in your life that you are glad you knew? Some one that you are thankful you had a relationship with. It could be a relative, a spouse, or a really good friend. Somebody that has impacted your life in a positive way. Some one that this Thanksgiving you can say I’m thankful that I knew.

Page 14: Role Model - Are you a role model? I know many of us would like to be considered one. What qualities do you think make you a good role model? What ideals do you want to pass on to your children? Journal about these ideals and why they are important to you.

Page 15: Theme Song - What is your theme song? It could be your favorite song, but not necessarily. What song describes your attitude towards life? What song describes your life? Is it the lyrics that speak to you or the tempo? Do you own the song on CD or tape? How often do you listen to it? When did you first hear it? Describe your thoughts and feelings from the first time you heard it and the last. Have your thoughts about the song changed?

Page 16: My Talents - Now, take a look at the really fun side of scrap booking! Do you have any dreams…getting published, the perfect scrap room, your own paper-line, being caught-up, etc. Do you search for embellishments in crazy places? Do you walk around Michaels, coupon in hand, determined to find something to buy? Do you stalk 2peas for new products to arrive so you can be the first to fill your bucket? Each of us has our own special talent, what is yours? How did you discover your talent? How has your talent grown over time? What level do you consider yourself at now? Are you an expert, or a novice? How do you practice your talent? Yes, I firmly believe that everyone has a talent. Think about it this way, you are going to enter a contest. Think about that a second. Now, what contest did you enter? Obviously you think you are talented enough at that to enter a contest. See, you are talented! Do others in your family share your talent? Did you inherit your talent from someone in your family? Do you hope to pass it on to your children or grandchildren?

Page 17: Greatest Accomplishments - What about you do people remember after they have met you? What do people comment on when they meet you for the first time? Is it your sparkling personality? Is it your great wit? Is it your purple hair? Is it your great laugh? Document this for the future generations who will long to meet you. Looking back on your life this far, what do you consider your greatest accomplishment? If you lived your life over, what is one thing that you would make sure you did again?

Page 18: The Computer/Technology in the Year 2003 (or "Then" and "Now") - Obviously you have a computer if you are reading this. What do you do with your computer? Computer journaling? Computer generated LO’s? Computer games? Surfing the net? What are your favorite websites? (hehe I bet I know this one! ) Keep track of what you do on-line on an average day and how much time you spend on the computer. You might be surprised. Another thing you might be interested in looking at is your history folder on your browser. This shows all the websites you have been to. That might give you a good idea of what you spend your time on.

Page 19: Little Things - What are the little things in life that make you happy? I’m so glad that little things can make me happy, I wanted a whole page to remind me. This is similar to the 100 things I love LO, but different. These are the little things that when I see or do, put a huge smile on my face. Like opening mail, window shopping, reading a good book, or a happy meal. The little things in life are wonderful!

Page 20: Things I've Learned About Life - Only one topic this week because I think this one is a pretty time intensive one. You’ve been alive for awhile now and you are a pretty smart cookie. What have you learned about life? What invaluable advice can you pass on to people about life? No, I’m not talking about some complex theory that’s going to win you the noble prize. Simple things. You’ve probably seen the book or the posters “All I really need to know, I learned in Kindergarten” by Robert Fulghum. Link to poster. They are simple things, but have real meaning. Go read the poster. Back? Okay. No, I’m not saying you want to write about what you learned in Kindergarten. Mr. Fulghum did a pretty decent job of that. How about joy? What have you learned about joy? Patience? Kindness? Goodness? Faithfulness? Love? Peace? Gentleness? Self control? Try doing a page about each. You could end up with an entire album. No, I’m not saying that you HAVE to do a whole entire album. I’m just challenging you to do one page in your All About Me album. Just think if your mother had written out a page of advice on patience for you for when your kids got on your nerves. How invaluable would that be?

Page 21: Things I've Learned About Life - continued

Page 22: Where Were You When… - This is a great idea from another Pea’s DH. I can’t remember the Pea and the search function won’t go back that far. If anybody has that thread bookmarked, or remembers the Pea, could you please pass it along to me? It really is a neat idea and definitely deserves revisiting. Where were you when the Challenger blew up? Where were you when JFK was assassinated? Where were you 9-11? These types of questions get asked every now and again at various functions and I always love hearing the answers. Make up a time line of events and write down all your answers. Not only does this describe you, but it also describes the feelings of the events and makes them more real for our children who will only read about them in their history books. Here is a listing of events you might want to include. Definitely not a complete list by any means, but something to get you started. A search on the web would get you exact dates and times and pictures that could be printed out and included on your page.

Challenger disaster
Invasion of Panama
Gulf War
Waco Texas Branch Davidian standoff
OJ Simpson chase
Mother Teresa's death
Princess Diana's death
Clinton scandal and impeachment
September 11
Anthrax scare
East coast sniper
Columbia disaster
War in Iraq

Page 23: Where Were You When… - continued

Page 24: The End -

And since I know where I got it from (NOW), I ran across the original post with a TON more ideas!

Thank you!!! This is so great! I want to make one in the future so I am going to copy that information! smiley

So nice smiley It´s really a cool detailed scheme!

We had a thread similar to this... I'm pretty sure because I think I started it, way back when. LoL If I can find it... I will post a link to it here so people can see all the ideas people had shared at the time. Off to search the forums. smiley

Found it right here! I think I will copy your post info and paste it into the thread over there and lock this one to keep it all together in one ongoing place. --enjoy and thanks for bringing the topic back to life and adding so much great information to the idea. smiley

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