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Group Chats

I'm looking into getting set up for doing some speed scraps and other fun group chat type things. I'm looking into group chat programs, if anyone has any suggestions.

Right now I'm checking out Google Hangouts. I have no experience with it at all, so if you do let me know how you think it would work. It seems like the main drawback is that you have to have a Google account to use it. Although, you'll probably have to have some sort of account some where regardless of what we pick. It's nice not to chat with faceless people I think, and using the Google Hangout makes it easy to see who you're talking to, assuming people upload a photo...

So if you have thoughts on programs, or fun things we can once we figure that part out, I'm all ears!

Also, if you want to hangout with me right now on Google Hangouts, as I'm trying to figure out how it works, my email is

I looooove Google Hangouts and it's freakishly easy to use. The only drawback is that only 10 people can be on at a time. So 10 people can be on video and the rest can be chatting on the side to the people on video. That's the only drawback I can see. Google Hangouts is as easy as it gets. Otherwise I would also suggest a Live Twitter Chat through You would make up a hash tag for the group, the rest of us would show up in tweetchat using the hash tag and it's like we're in our own private chat room. Oh My Handmade Goodness does this with their tag #OMHG. It's a blast.

I've used Chatterous before for school and it worked great and was easy enough. There is also Chatzy which is basically the same as Chatterous. I lean towards Chatterous most of the time.

I've participated in other chats, but I don't remember what they used (sorry). I know their chat rooms weren't run by Google though. (not a fan of Google)

Scrap Orchard had some chat room events during their NSD Olympics Event this past spring, I believe. I remember participating in a few, and you didn't have to sign up for an account to enter/join the chat room... Does anyone recall what they used? I remember seeing Shawna in there (we chatted for a bit)... We had a lot of fun playing games (one was pictionary, i think?). Do you remember Shawna?

I agree that not needing to sign in would obviously be easiest, but I would prefer that the chat have clear names and photos for people so I know who I'm chatting with.