DSF October Blog Train

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DSF October Blog Train

EDIT: This link is no longer active. If you'd like to download the assets, you can here.

Here's my part for the DSF October Blog Train (click on the image for download). There are so many wonderful parts, be sure to check them all out.

You are coming from: DreamyNest Designs
Your next stop is: EhKho
You can check in at the main station here.

Your part is so beautiful smiley Love the keypaper smiley

ooooh, lovely colors! thank you!!!

Thank you Marisa!

Thank you for this beautiful kit! I love the colors and especially the keys! I am drawn to keys for some reason. I really like the old skeleton kind from the victorian era. I especially love jewelry made from old keys.

I snagged this today - THANK YOU SO MUCH for your contribution! I always know your part will be awesome!

Beautiful colour scheme, thank you so much for this set.

Wonderful! Love those stitches, the keys, the firework/flowerish patterned paper. Thank you so much!

I love the dandy lion portion!!! A lot of whimsy!!

Thank you Marisa...

So cute... Love your keys... Thank you, Marina!!!

I love it. Thank you very much.

Thank you Marisa. The detail is gorgeous.

thanks for the AWESOME mini kit!

Thank you so much. This is really pretty.

thank you for this beautiful kit !!

Thank you so much for this kit. I really love the colors!

Thanks....I love the keys!

Thank you so much Love your part!

It's gorgeous! Thank you!

The color palette is beautiful and you "key" paper is fantabulous! Thanks so much for this lovely kit.

Thank you Marisa! I love the keypaper too


Thank you so much, love the key paper, perfect for a 21st Birthday Present smiley

This is very pretty! I snagged it so thanks smiley I was needing some fall items and these are perfect!!!

the keys -- they just to be had! thanks.

I love the keys, thank you!

WONDERFUL! Such a ridiculous amount of creativity runs through your veins smiley

Thank you for sharing your part of the blog train. smiley I really like the plaid paper, the cloud, and the stitching. smiley

thank you!



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