We're back for now (IMPORTANT READ)

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We're back for now (IMPORTANT READ)

It's been a long day. I'll post a bit about why the site has been down tomorrow morning, but for now I'm going to bed.

For now the site is back up. It looks like a faulty hard drive was responsible for some data corruption, and we're rolling the site content back a little bit, so a couple of forum posts and layouts have been lost (which we are very sorry for).

Like I said, I think I've tracked down the issue, and the hard drive has been replaced, but it is possible that there is something else going on besides the corrupted hard drive. I'm going to let the site run overnight (US Pacific time), and if all's well in the morning we're good to go.

The important bit to this message is that in the off chance that there is still an unsolved issue with the site, I'm going to have to take it offline again tomorrow while I do a complete re-deployment. IN THAT CASE, ANY NEW CONTENT THAT IS ADDED BETWEEN NOW AND THEN WILL BE LOST. So you probably don't want to upload too many layouts just yet, and please save copies of any forum posts you make on your computer, in case we have to roll back the site content again.

I apologize for the outage today, and for the few pieces of lost content. I'll post again tomorrow with more details of what went wrong.

Yay glad its back up and running smiley
I have been up with my sick daughter since 4.30am NZ time and I tried to log in then with no luck, but now I know why.
Does that mean no DC's today?
Thank you so much for everything you do, you guys are amazing smiley smiley smiley

I am also glad you are up and running - Pixel Scrapper was definitely missed while you were down. Hope the loss is not too great. Now, onward and upward to bigger things.

Thanks for keeping us informed and glad you are back up.

I said a lil' prayer for you as i knew you were working on things,i feel really bad for you guys,but i know that you most likely learned something new during your trials and tribulations with this problem,life is all about trials and error,we always learn something from them tho.
I'm sure your also aware of the 0 download credits i am seeing,no biggie tho,i know you will hook us up,you guys are good like that.
I am sooooo happy to get my pixel scrapper fix before i go to bed,anyways good night Jordan and Marisa and thank you for your time and dedication around here.
Get some rest and i'll see you around,hopefully!!......LOL!!

Whew...I feel for you guys! Crossing my fingers and toes that everything looks good tomorrow and that you won't have another rough day. smiley

Missed you!! Fingers crossed you've caught the culprit and it won't give you any more grief!!

You guys were missed. Fingers crossed that things are functioning properly.

As a techy person myself I've experienced the same thing many times. I cringe at the thought. Good luck and let me know if you need any help!

PC's are our bread and butter but I must admit, they don't EVER make sense. There's no logic about them. Technology is great but a big pain when it's not working like it's suppose to be. smiley

I'll be praying that everything goes as it should! I know this must get very stressful for you. Just know that we all here at Pixel Scrapper support you 100% and although things happen and we miss you guys when the site goes down, we also understand and know something must have happened again, and we know that you guys are always on it, and that it will be back up and running in no time....WE APPRECIATE YOU JORDAN AND MARISA!!!!!!

Great job, Jordan!!!! Technology is AWESOME until it stops working, right? Praying that everything goes well the next 24 hours so you don't have to do anything else!!!

So glad you're on top of this. Computers are still black magic to me so I really appreciate your expertise. Thanks for all you both do to keep this great site on line.

Hi Jordan

Thanks for your hard work getting everything working again!

I have a question for you last night I could not download in the uk as the site was down and today I have only 0 points is this effecting everyone or just me?

Many thanks


Wow I am glad to see you guys back but do understand the nightmares of keeping everything running. As Someone said we miss you when the site id down but understand and will be here when it comes back. Thank you so much

I was wondering why I couldn't access the site the last 2 days! Thanks for letting us know & I hope you are able to resolve whatever the problems are. smiley

Hi Jordan,
thanks for all your HARD WORK!! You are a wonderful computer magician!! The login in is working on the home page and it is 8:40pm on the east coast here. Whatever you did in the last 2-3 hours fixed it.

Thank you again,

I hope you will return soon and hassle, best regards

Hi Jordan

Yesterday I was very happy downloading my 10 dc points and looking forward to the extra points that you said would be rolled out to one and all.

But my shock and horror LOL smiley when today I have zero dc points again sob sob sorry to ask you again Jordan is this wide spread or just me?

Many thanks