Are there many scrappers out there who do a lot of 8.5 X 11 pages?

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Are there many scrappers out there who do a lot of 8.5 X 11 pages?

I find the pages are easier to fit into albums that fit onto my book shelves. Also it costs a lot less for me to print out this size on my own printer. If I need more room I just make a two page layout.

Most scrappers seem to use the 12 X 12 layouts and I'm wondering if there are more than I realize doing the 8.5 X 11 size. I've actually gone back and reworked many 12 X 12 layouts into 8.5 X 11. Someday I want to print out several books for my family and the cost savings will be a lot.

If anyone knows of tutorials for this smaller size, I would love a link or two or more. smiley

I know one woman who does a lot of that size. Kathryn Wilson. Here is a link to her gallery with lots of inspiration.

Kathryn's OSD Gallery

I don't know what kind of tutorial you are looking for, but there are some actions that will shrink 12 x 12 stuff down for you.

This action you need to have a border... (two are included I believe)...

and this one doesn't require a border...

I've used them both, and they are pretty cool. smiley

Thank you for the link! And the resizing sounds interesting.

I have done a few layout 8.5 x 11, It looks better when you make digital slid shows as well, this way you don't see a square.

I used to way back when I first started traditional scrapbooking but then it became so hard to find 8 1/2 x 11 Scrapbooks but I guess it doesn't matter with Digital as long as the printer offers that size for their books. I think they all do or something close. I just started loving the square size with Digital and when I did Grandkids books I did 8 x 8 because they were less expensive.

I'm starting to do more 8.5 x 11 myself, just because I can get the binders & page protectors much more readily and of course cheaper. I've been designing a lot of letter size templates that I'll be putting up in my shop soon. I'll be working on kits that include the letter size this month too. I find its nicer to use a whole sheet of photo paper and not waste the extra if I print an 8x8 layout. I would usually print small wallet size photos for mini albums with the extra, but a lot of times it would be just waste because I wouldn't think/plan ahead to get the photos I wanted ready. smiley

I have always scrapped on 8.5 x 11, even waaay back when I was doing paper scrapping. I don't use templates because they are not easily found and I've have had good luck in scraplifting and converting any I have seen and liked. In the past I have done all my printing at home but am considering switching to professional printing because a bound book will take up less shelf space. And then again, I might follow Marisa's example and go to a totally web based storage/display. Much more easily accessable to everyone no matter where they are.

I've never scrapped using 8.5x11... I am contemplating trying to make an 8.5x11 calendar, though, so I can send it to the grandparents to use on their fridge next year (with photos of the grand kids smiley ).

The ones I've seen out on the net make the calendar 2 pages - one page for picture, the other for the calendar grid. I'm looking to incorporate both on the one page. Haven't seen anything like that yet, so I think I'm going to have to create it from scratch. Never made a grid before, so it will be interesting... I think once I figure that out, everything else should be fairly simple - insert numbers into the boxes (and any holidays), add a monthly title, and do a siggy-type photo cluster at the top. At least that's how I think I need to do it. I use PSP, so I won't have any fancy actions to help me.

I just came from looking at some layouts in the gallery, finally found the time to do that. There are some nice ideas for the 8.5 X 11 size. I was surprised at how many photos one person put on the page and still it looked neat and not over crowded. An inspiration!

@ Lizanne, you can take a look at Peppermint Creative. She has a lot of calendar templates that are 1 page 8.5x11.

I do probably 50/50. I found that printing the 12x12 is a bit too costly (learned this the hard way), so I do baby books and calendars in a 8.5x11 and use a local printer I know through my job to do the printing.

I have a few layout templates here:

Thank you Marisa. Bookmarked the page so I hope it sticks.

I also do mainly 8.5 x 11 when digital scrapping. I can print it myself and therefore not so expensive.

Sorry, I accidentally erased my post. I used to do a lot of 8.5x11 pages because I could print them directly from my computer. I looked into a printer that could accommodate 12x12 pages but it was cost prohibitive. I don't use a traditional program to scrapbook. I use PowerPoint or my Ipad, so I can't use a template exactly as intended. It's more of a starting point, kind of like a borrowed recipe. I did learn that if I placed an 8x8 template on my page that I could fill in the white or blank areas that remained with coordinating background paper and cover the seam with ribbon or some similar element. Hope this helps.

I like doing 8.5x11 pages too! My mom likes printing them out when I email them out to the family and it gets posted on her fridge - some things never change!

Seriously though, I do like how they look better than the square layouts, but that's just me...

I'm glad to have come across this post because I'm new at this and was wondering whether to use the 12 x 12 or the 8.5 x 11. I think I'll do the 8.5 x 11 now since it's easier for printing purposes. Thank you!