Another ViVa freebie

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Another ViVa freebie

Please See this Post Ladies for more lovely gifts from ViVa Artistry... :)
Got another freebie for ya!

you can find it in the first two posts titled New Field Journal or Scrap and Chat Winners and Freebie.


thank you!! they're beautiful smiley

ViVie: I'm going to close this thread and add your newest freebie by editing your original post. If you wouldn't mind each time editing your original post to ADD it there for now, this would be great. Hopefully people can find your generous gifts easier that you are sharing with us specifically under your name. As we grow and have more designers sharing, It will make things easier to keep each designers items organized in one thread so then it won't be so hard to find other post topics under Digital Scrapping. I'm thinking at some point when we grow large enough & have several designers... they may even create a forum for designers specifically to share??? smiley I know before Marisa went on vacation, we were all trying to fine tune how to share freebies in an organized way, but haven't came up with a final solution just yet; so this idea may change soon. smiley Thanks for helping us out with this and your wonderful generosity. You are greatly appreciated!!!!

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