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Use those new kits! More kits will be added to this challenge as they are added to the site, so be sure to check back and see what's new. You may enter as many layouts as you'd like. See the kit challenge rules here.

August Kits for this Challenge

The Details

  1. Challenge ends Aug 31, 2013.
  2. You must use assets from the previous list.
  3. You may enter as many layouts as you'd like for more chances to win.
  4. You must tag your layouts with "kit challenge aug 2013" to be entered. Also, you may share them here in the thread.
  5. Please add it to the example layouts for the appropriate kit by following these steps.
  6. See entered layouts here.

Marisa's new Berlin kit was perfect for scrapping this overcast day in San Francisco.

In my gallery

Harriett is on it already! I was wondering if this "Impressionist on the Water" exhibit was in the Bay Area, as I've heard of it before. But I didn't want to be creepy and ask you where you lived, haha.

Can't wait to scrap with the Berlin Bundle!

~scratch my head ~shouldn't it be -" challenge end August the 31 ??

Yes, Catherine, that's the Golden Gate Bridge behind us in the photo, though it's hard to see through the overcast.

@Chili: Yes, you're right. I'm really struggling to keep track of time...

@Marisa: Thanks for all you do!

I hope this one counts. I felt like I was using a lot of dino items, but now that I take a second look at it, I'm not so sure!

Hi, My first challenge entry here at Pixel Scrapper.
I used the Gorgeous new 'Berlin' bundle to create it with thanks.

Link to my gallery

Oh I love a good challenge. Off to check out those kits!

Just added the Baseball Bundle and Cambodia Bundle!

Here's my submission:

This is a wonderful layout!

A two page layout using the Cambodia kit.

In my gallery here
and here.

Love your layout Harriett!

Just added the Cheer Bundle.

Thanks, Liv and Marisa. I keep thinking I should use more of the other kits I have stashed on my computer, but you keep coming out with wonderful new ones, Marisa. Must scrap faster!!

With the Cheer kit......

In my gallery here

I wanna ask something, can we use the kit elements to create something else? ex: Create an embellishment from background papers.
Is it ok for the challenge?

@Elif: Since this is a layout challenge, we should probably stick to layouts. We do have a designer challenge going on right now, and we're just getting started with elements.

okay Marisa thank you smiley

I uploaded a new layout, but realized afterward that my journaling had a mistake in it. I deleted it, but couldn't figure out how to delete my comment here so I am just leaving an explanation. smiley

here is my layout with the cheer bundle

Loving all the pages still! Thanks sharing everyone smiley

My Layout
Kit: Berlin

Link to Template:

I replaced the image of my layout after correcting some journalling, and straightening one of my clusters - in the gallery I can see the new version until I try and look at it close up, then I see the older version. something to do with cache maybe???

Debra - It might have something to do with the caching on your computer, I see the updates on both the thumbnail and the enlarged version on my computer.


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