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Storybook Creator Users

I'm pretty new here and just wondering if there's many of us using Storybook Creator or am I the only one? smiley Is everyone using PS or what other programs are you all using?

Hey Kimberly! I just thought of something that might work even better for you!!!

Does storybook creator use/read TIFF format??? If it does... TIFF files should remain "layered" so you would have all the layers intact. You could convert them from PSD to TIFF and that just might work for you if the program will read that type of file.

Just thought I'd share it with you just in case. smiley

I'll have to check in to that. I'm not sure if it can use TIFF files. Thanks for the suggestion.

@Kimberly: You're most welcome. Let us know if it works as it may help other Storybook Users later when they see this. smiley

I just saw this. I am a storybook creative user.

i have not tried this creator you are talking about. but i do know a method to read tiff format

I use storybook creator smiley

I've been using SBC since 2009! Don't know about tiff files.... sorry!

I use StoryBook Creator. Love it!

I use Storybook Creator and I am amazed at the things the programme can do