FREEBIES PU: Simply Sharilynn Designs

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FREEBIES PU: Simply Sharilynn Designs

I decided to participate in HunnyBee Design's monthly color challenge this month as an attempt to challenge myself even more so I've come up with a mini kit that's now available on my blog for download. smiley

Available for download here. Enjoy everyone smiley

Nice colour palette. I think this would work great for masculine projects.

I like the palette too, "discreet and peacefull"

These colors look nice and soft, reminds me of the beach.

Thanks. I also like the color palette.

LOVE the palette....thank you smiley

Thanks, love the colors.

I love the palette as well, I was drawn to it when it was posted on HunnyBee Design so I knew I had to participate in the challenge and come up with a mini kit. I think it definitely would work for many masculine projects smiley

Very nicely done...thanks

i love the gritty texture of the papers! it's very unique! thanks for sharing!

Hello Fall kit is available on my blog now! You can download it here. Enjoy it and happy fall y'all! smiley

Super cute! Thanks for sharing!

Made a mini for HunnyBee Design's September color challenge. Available to download here. Enjoy! smiley

Thanks for sharing!

Very pretty colors. Thank You!

The August Color Challenge-kit will be perfect for a card I´m about to make for a male friend - thank you so much!

glad you're all enjoying the kits! smiley

New freebie up on the blog here! smiley

Thank you Sharilynn. They are beautiful. You are so talented. Thank you for using dropbox!! makes it so easy. smiley

Thank you for the compliment! And I agree, Dropbox is my go to program, I like it even more than SkyDrive and any of the others! smiley

ShariLynn: TYSVM for the Cool Tones PP and the Hello Fall kit! smiley

New freebie available here smiley

ty smiley

thanks for sharing Sharilynn smiley

Love the new Halloween Freebie!

Thank you for sharing your freebies Sharilynn, I love the papers of your last freebie! smiley

New breast cancer awareness freebie available here smiley

Thank you for the breast cancer awareness freebie!!

I would like to be invited to your blog. I have seen some or your freebies and would like to download the breast cancer awareness freebie. Two members of my family fought breast cancer and one is now fighting colorectal cancer. Thanks for your beautiful creations.

JoAnn, my blog is back to public settings, I only had it private so I could implement a bunch of changes smiley

Nice textures on your papers and pretty color choices, too.