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Posting to a challenge

I hoped to use my first gallery photo for the August nature layout. It was supposed to be closed on August 30. Am I in a different time zone? (Eastern USA). Anyhow it was closed. I would have posted it yesterday but the boards were down.

Hopefully there will be a challenge I can still use the layout in, but meantime, can you tell me how I missed the deadline?


I put the wrong date on the challenge. I always close the challenge on Thursdays, so I didn't even look at the date. Sorry about that! If you want, you can tag it with this week's challenge tag and I'll give you points and enter you into the challenge for this week.

It's not a problem. I'm not as much on the site for points and downloads as I am for the fun of being with other scrappers, learning new things, and challenges. But thanks for letting me know I didn't mess up the time somehow.