Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline Sept 9

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Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline Sept 9

We've been focusing on making big kits, but this week let's do something smaller. Pick your own color palette and theme and get started!

Here are the specifics for your mini kit. A mini kit should be small and sweet. Make each piece count! Follow as best you can:

  • 5 patterned papers
  • 1 tag
  • 1 frame
  • 2 shapes (flower, star, arrow, etc)
  • 1 word art
  • 1 ribbon/bow
  • 2 buttons/brads/flairs
  • 2 more elements, free choice

So much to do and so little time... I really really want to join another designer challenge, hope I can fit this mini into my schedule! Thanks for the challenge Marisa.

I can't wait to give it a try! smiley

Yay, I finished it in one night! Really, really need to go to bed now. I'll upload another day (or night smiley) *happy dance*

Yay!! Me too, Melouise. I had only one day to play so I spent it all at the computer.
Dropbox for the Garage Sale mini kit challenge.
And I have a few add-ons.
Dropbox download for Garage Sale add-ons

And this is my kit for the challenge.
You can download at here

Hi everyone! Oh, the mini kits posted look fantastic! Great job!!

I made a mini kit for you, but there is a twist. I am participating at the NDC at The Studio and made a mini kit to submit to week 1. You can go download it there (Just go to my blog to get links to there) As I always think a mini kit is not enought; I made my submission to the challenge here coordinate with the one over there. So, here is how it looks:

You can find the links to download in this blog post HERE

And the link to my blog is HERE So you can go get links to part 1 and vote for me if you like (Voting will be 09/08/2013) smiley smiley Vote right HERE

Looking good ladies! Thanks for sharing. I'm considering making something as well. There's nothing like a mini kit to make you feel accomplished quickly!

I have a bunch of things waiting around to be made into mini kits, and I used this challenge to finish one of them up. Download here.

I have not had time to put this up on my blog, so it is not downloadable for the time being. I tried to make this challenge even more challenging (why?! I asked myself this a couple of times, trust me), by using one photo to 'fuel' the entire mini. Might still need some work... smiley This is my photo and colorpalette:

And here is the result:

oh, and by the way: great kit Harriet! Looks like you turned the mini into a bundle smiley

Thanks for the double kit, Cintia. Both parts are really cute. Marisa, your Lovely kit is lovely...and very restful to look at. Melouise, thank you for the compliment. It was hard to contain myself to the assignment. The same personality trait that accumulated all the "stuff" we are putting in our garage sale this weekend.

These are all so wonderful! Good job, ladies. I want to try to put something together this weekend.

these look so great ladies.
I have a wee question.
I see an envelope and contact by all of your names but not by mine. Have I set something wrong or do you see it and I cannot?
I would gladly allow people to contact me.

@ Kay: Those contact envelops can be just seen by others, it is invisible to the member.
At least I think it is smiley Nothing wrong with yours.
cuz I don't see mine too!

Kay, that's how you contact other people privately. I would suppose we can't see it on our own posts because the system doesn't think we need to contact ourselves privately. smiley Kind of like it's okay to talk to yourself as long as you don't answer yourself? That's what my Grandma always used to tell me, anyway.

Looks great everyone!

Thanks for answering my question Penny. I love this challenge. I hope to get some time to try this when I feel a bit better. I am resting today. I had 2 seizures yesterday and bit my tongue and I am quite sore all over. Not a good day for computer things. But maybe tomorrow.

Fantastic challenge, Marisa. I had such a good time creating my "My Guy" mini-kit, and it is always a bunch of fun to see what others come up with. Excellent work, you guys! So many creative mini-kits!

Here's mine . . . please snag and enjoy!

Click for bigger preview image.

Download at my "Made by Holly Wood" blog . . . here.

Right under the buzzer!!!
I was so busy this week! My daughter's in the marching band and boy, does that take up a ton of time! So I whipped up this mini kit for you. I was inspired by my addiction to all things Vera Bradley.

Download Kit

Here is mine. The elements are a bit random.. I tried out some stuff and wanted to make a cut out effect..

Download it here!

Love all the goodies ladies!

@Kay - Hope you're feeling better!

Awww.. I missed this smiley
Will participate in the next one smiley next month!