Time for a Live Chat Event

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Time for a Live Chat Event

If you're interested in joining a live chat event here at Pixel Scrapper, please let me know what time/day/time zone works for you.

Woo! My schedule is wide open so whatever works for y'all will work for me smiley

for next week Tuesday on: any weekday between 8:00 and 21:00; or at Saturdays between 8:00 and 13:00 on GMT-3:00.

How fun. Anytime would work for me really smiley

I work retail. So I'm interested, but I'll just have to hope you pick a time that I'm home!

I'm pretty much wide open. Though I can pretty much guarantee that the kids will be climbing all over me at whatever time it is. But that won't deter me. I'll still be there!

I'm pretty much available weekend only for about the next month. Hopefully, I'll be able to join ...

That would be AWESOME - but I am in NZ so GMT+12 so probably not possible for me smiley

Well, I'm not much help either as far as suggesting a time, that ones of the things that's always hard for me to do...picking a time when others could be available...lol I'm USA Central time...but when ever.

I do have a question what types of things are you planning for the live chat? I just have no idea, what direction you might go.

@Laura: I'm not sure what direction I'm going to go either...It will probably be something simple the first time just to make the sure the chat works. I don't want to have some elaborate plan and then have technical trouble...

Early afternoon is usually good for me (EST) - esp. on Saturday. My schedule is so erratic during the week, with doctors visits & aqua p/t, that I have a hard time narrowing down an exact time - my free time changes from week to week. But if you decide to do one, and I have enough notice, I will pencil it into my personal calendar & make sure I don't schedule anything during that time. smiley I've had fun in the few chats I've gone to. smiley

Marisa.... I don't know if you are able to find out what the girls used in Scrap Orchard over iNSD this past spring, but we were able to play Pictionary & it was a lot of fun! They made us all admins so we could draw in the white space area, and assigned us all teams (by color - changing our usernames to that color).

I can't wait. If you need any technical help let me know. I'm as tech geek as it gets. smiley