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PixelScrapper on YouTube

So ... I know I'm a newbie and you'll all probably find me terribly weird. But I have a YouTube channel and I do shout outs every Friday and I just couldn't help but shout out PixelScrapper on today's episode. I have just fallen madly in love with you all!


I don't know if there was any spike in traffic to the site today but I'm hoping to bring a few new members to grow the community. I hope to give more shout outs down the road as well. This community is one of my faves. It's definitely a rare find so I'm in desperation to help it grow with my Besties. smiley

VERY COOL Renae! We all LOVE Marisa and Jordan and everything they do to keep this place up and running so I'm sure ANY shoutouts are thoroughly appreciated. Heck, I've only been participating for a few months now, if that, and I'm on here ALL THE TIME. I agree, this place is a rare find smiley


Just watched it. Bet it will bring in some guests who become members.

I hope it does. I'll keep shouting it out until they come. This is truly an amazing site with amazing people who all have a giving spirit. Rare rare rare. *tear. I love you guys. And I've only been here for a couple weeks!

It is a Great site, love the Diversity of styles and Design, plus how supportive the Owners and members are of each other smiley

Cool! Thanks!!

Thanks Renae: that was super nice of you smiley . We appreciate all the help we can get when it comes to site growth.