ISO: Paw Prints

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ISO: Paw Prints

Do we have any paw print assets here? Thanks!

I just got this silly idea of letting my daughter's cat walk through some wet cocoa then all over my white floor, take a photo and, voila, instant paw print background paper.

I did a search, though I'm sure you did also, and didn't come up with any. A good idea for our designers out there.

Well, duh! There's a paw print in Photoshop shapes! smiley

Wow Tina! You're good when you can solve and answer your own questions. smiley LoL But I will look around to see if I can find any other free paw print stuff... I know I have some because of my two fur babies but I don't remember if I paid for them or not. I'll be sure to share if I find them. smiley

Haha Tina, way to go! I had no luck finding a template on PS, never thought to check photoshop shapes.