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Commercial Use License Blog Button

This lovely site is growing and growing and a good way to keep getting
the word out is if those of us that design and post kits to our blogs, sites and
stores, could have a CU License Image with your logo on it to post on our sites.

I would certainly be adding it to my blog if you had one, with a link to your site.

You give so very, very much to us and it not only would be a great way for us to
say "Thanks" to you, but would get the word out that you're here so you can keep
on growing and hopefully adding supporters!!!

~Hugs~ smiley

Thanks for the idea Kathie. Right now we just have basic blog button which you can use. See here for more details.

Thanks Marisa!

I'm working on setting up a new blog and will be adding your logo with a link
to here. I'm also hard at work making new kits and will be adding a Freebie
section with my things here soon!

Have a great day~ Kathie

Thanks Marisa, Added to my blog here.

Thanks Lori! I've given you 30 community points.