Photoshop refuses to open a download

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Photoshop refuses to open a download

The file is: layout-template213-23a (

It's a layout template. I downloaded it this morning. And every time I try to open it, it crashes my Photoshop CS3. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Hmm. That's weird. It doesn't look like there's anything strange, but I reuploaded it see if that helps. So you can try downloading it again. Hopefully it will work this time!

I can't download it...already used up my DC's today. smiley

I've tried to double-click it to open it. I tried moving the file from my c: drive to my external hard drive. I tried to open CS3 first, then browse to it to open it. I have told it Yes and No to update the vector layers. I can open it with Quicktime PictureViewer just fine. Every time, this is what I get. smiley But this is the only file (so far).

Hi Tina, sorry about the trouble. I've given you some extra download credits so that you can try downloading the file again.

Thanks! I re-downloaded it. It still did the same thing. So, I Googled some more possibilities...decided to try resetting my CS3 PS preferences (pressed Ctrl+Alt+Shift when opening CS3 in Windows) and sure enough, that worked! I still find it odd, though, that it was only that one file. All the others I've downloaded have been just fine!

And as an added bonus, my PS seems to be running a bit better now, too! LOL!

Weird! Glad it's working now.