What is your favorite... Restaurant?

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What is your favorite... Restaurant?

Hi all,

It was a kinda rough week this week, but with lots of acomplishments and happy things. So, in some hours, me, hubby, our BFFs and one of my partners in my craft business, her husband and children are going to a Japanese restaurant to celebrate the end of this stage and the beginning of the end of the year. We found this restaurant when I was about to take my road trip and was longing to have some japanese food because I knew there were none where I was going, and it´s a lovely place. And this weekend we found a fantastic hamburger house too.

So, what is your favorite restaurant? How it´s like there? (It´s cozy? Busy? Cheap? Expensive? What kind of food do you eat there? What do you like about this restaurant?)

My favorite restaurant is about 45 minutes from where I live. It's an Indian restaurant called India Palace and it's absolutely fantastic. It's run by a family from India so it's very authentic. The staff is wonderful. The food is phenomenal, it's very cozy and has lots of authentic decor from India. Some of my favorites are gulab jamun, mango ice cream and mango pudding, kheer, naan, curry, chicken tikka masala and more wonderful dishes I can't think of right now! But wow did I make myself hungry! smiley

Most of my favorite restaurants have closed (either due to lack of business, retirement or co. decision)... smiley I tend to like to go to quaint, out-of-the way restaurants with gourmet or eclectic food & maybe even 5-course meals (so you can sample a variety of things). There aren't a lot of options like that where I live now, but if I want to travel to Burlington, VT I can find restaurants like that (and a lot of different ethnic fare) - only not quaint & out-of-the-way.

One of the places I liked going to, as a young adult (it is still in operation), was called "Pickety Place." It wasn't too far from where I went to college & was in the middle of nowhere. They had beautiful flower & herb gardens, offered cooking classes, and at certain times of the year you could eat outdoors. Any chance I could go there, I would (for me it was a "special occasion" place, as they were a bit pricey). I loved their unique dishes, made with ingredients they grew, their herbed butters & so forth.

When we leave NC, I will miss this Japanese restaurant called Oki's. I get their Bento Box B, which comes with teriyaki salmon, gyoza (Japanese pot sticker/dumpling), and shrimp tempura. It's SO not gluten free, so I take a digestive enzyme pill, indulge, and tell myself it's ok. It really is a weakness of mine, but I LOVE it!
I will also miss Morgan's Tavern. They have this chicken salad that is served on a half of a pineapple, surrounded by grapes and melon. It is just fantastic.

Back home in Kansas City, I love Chipotle. They don't have any where I am now and I miss it. I also miss a breakfast place called First Watch. I can get GF with ease and the people are SO nice. And I love Chick-Fil-A because I can get GF fast food without worrying so much about cross contamination. I love it when I am in the drive thru asking for a filet with no bun and they ask "do you have an allergy?" Love love LOVE that!!

Honestly, though, with me being GF, I really prefer to cook at home. I miss my grocery store back home in KC: Hy-Vee. They have the BEST GF selection - SO much better than what I can get here. And I miss Whole Foods, too. I have found that I can cook most everything I enjoy to eat better or the same as restaurants, so I'd just rather cook at home since cooking is artsy for me. smiley

Mollie: would that be Oki's in Havelock??

Being new to town, I don't have a favorite place yet. But I'm hopeful that there are some good options. There seem to be lots of cute micro breweries and pubs around.

Since we've moved to the suburbs and have the three young 'uns we don't get to hit up the fancy restaurants too often, but we do try to take the kids out at least once a week so that I get a break from cooking and they have a chance to practice being on their best behavior. The boys pick Mexican food pretty regularly.
My favorite is going with a group for tapas. You need more than two people so that you can try more things and not appear too gluttonous.
If you're ever in Chicago and want good tapas, Ba-ba-reeba in Lincoln Park is a good place to try.

Our family favorite is pizza. We live near Madison, Wisconsin, and there is a GREAT pizzaria we love to go to. Our favorite is called the "fugettaboutit". Fresh mozzarella and italian meats, onions, olives and topped with beautiful green arugula! Yum! And afterwards we all share a slice of their cheesecake. It is to die for! They have started to call my three year old son, Mr. Cheesecake. Every once in awhile they even give it to us free!

This thread is making me hungry!

I would say "Olive Garden " smiley

Bellagio here is a small family owned Italian place. Its a lil bit on the higher end but they make the best pasta dishes there and I love Italian food!!

We have a little 'hole in the wall' restaurant here called Digby's and it has the greatest fish and chips with all you can eat on Tuesdays and even cheaper they offer a meal for two for under $20 Canadian. Fish and chips is one thing I won't make at home so it's a treat once a month for us to go in.

I don't have a favorite I just love sampling different foods from different places. I would love to do this as a job writing reviews and such. I think that would the best job ever.