How long does a layout take?

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How long does a layout take?

From start to finish, how long does it take you to complete a layout?

More than 2 hours.
41% (15 votes)
1 -2 hours
33% (12 votes)
30 minutes - 1 hour
25% (9 votes)
0-30 minutes
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 36

I am so curious to find out the general scraptime used for a layout. I consider myself slower than slow, it takes me at least three hours...

@Mel, me too!! Much slower if I don't use a template, of course. I'm not sure if I'm over 2 hours or just under! But definitely in that range. Mostly because I'm so indecisive.

Thanks Lady! Means a lot to me that I'm not the only slow scrapper in da hood smiley I did count the photo-adjusting too, since I think that is also part of a layout. I tend to spend a lot of time on photo adjustments too... so maybe the actual scrapping takes me about two hours a page, just over probably...

I'm really slow, but I know its because I have way too much stuff to pick through before I can start a layout. Now, once I have all the stuff I want to use, then the actual layout takes me about 1 - 2 hours. I consider that quick. I've spend a good 8 hours making a card. Sometimes a paper layout can take me about 3 days to finish...

@Cat, that is a good point. If I compare it to my paper-scrapping, I am light-years faster!! So, even though I wish I were a bit faster digitally, I'm still accomplishing more than I ever did with paper. lol

I enjoy the time I spend doing layouts, so it's a leisurely activity for me. 2 hours is a fast layout for me, and that doesn't happen often. I might be able to finish faster but why? Well, it helps to be retired and have the time. In fact that's one reason I scrap all the grandkids, my daughters are too busy as was I when they were young. Their childhood photos are just stuck in an album, no decorations. Maybe I'll get around to redoing them one day.

Sometimes I can spend all day doing a layout if things don't gel, other times things fall into place and a layout is finished very fast.

Layouts almost always take me at least two to three hours, but I've worked on a few that have taken days because I just can't get it like I want.

It really depends, sometimes things just come easily, especially the longer I've been scrapping and the more familiar I am with Photoshop. But then there are layouts like the one I did today that take forever because I changed all of the papers about 3-4 times to find a combo I actually liked, haha.

It depends. For me, it can be as little as ten minutes... if everything in the kit is just right... and if it is a CT project where I have to just use what is in the kit. Most of the time it is around 30-45 minutes. If I do a just-for-me layout where I mix and match things, it takes me much longer to get all of the little touches I want to add. But my Project Life pages take me FOREVER. It is ridiculous really.

I was just thinking about this the other day. I don't think I can make the pages any faster than I did when I was paper scrapping, because before I would lay out all the papers/elements/photos and make 4-6 pages at once. Typically I would make multiple pages of the same events or similar series of events, so even though I'd scrap for 4-6 hrs at a time, I'd get 6-8 layouts done.
With digital, I don't have multiple monitors, and I start to get confused after a while having so many windows open, so even if I am using the same kit for multiple pages I only work on one page at a time.
Where I'm saving the time is with CLEANUP. Just being able to shut down the program and turn off the computer and not have to sort and reorganize supplies and little bits of paper is SOOOO worth it for me.

*edited* I thought of something else though. I spend a LOT of time organizing all my files and folders. It's a good mental break for me to look at all the pretty papers and elements, and how awesome is it to shop from home ALL the time, but it does take a LOT of time to sort everything into a system I can work with.

I agree wholeheartedly Tina!!! about the differences in digi vs paper. I also think that I don't get to chat as much to anyone when I digital scrap as when I would go to an 6 hour, or all night crop, or weekend crop. You cold still paper scrap and think enough to talk. At least for me, I have to focus more scrapping digitally it seems, but the good thing is if I mess up it's way easier to fix. LoL So there are several give and takes to me.

BTW: I'm a sloooow scrapper if you guys didn't gather already. Except as Kimbelee mentioned, I'm the total opposite with PL pages, but I paper scrap those and keep them fairly minimal using pre-made kits like Becky Higgins and get them done in a decent time frame... but nothing too fancy... LoL

I'm also least 2 hours per page. My problem is I get caught in tweaking hell and I have to force myself to "put down the mouse!" LOL

Really depends... Sometimes a photo or photos just call out to me and let me know exactly what treatment they need to shine. Sometimes I start over multiple times or spend hours searching for just the right elements...

Layouts are like conversations. Some are quick and some can fill a day!

what a GREAT analogy Lori!!! Love it!!! smiley

Layouts are like conversations. Some are quick and some can fill a day!

I need about 30-45 minutes per layout, and I like it that way... I don't rush or hurry through the process, and there's nothing forcing me to go that fast. I just like to keep the process swift- it's the same way I write my stories... just out with it in a huge gush. I always liked it best that way smiley.

It usually takes me a couple of hours for a layout. However, I've got one I've been working on for months.

Hummm...once I'm actually able to sit down and scrap (I don't get to do anything scrapbook related during the day because of the dear girls), I usually spend half an hour to an hour on a layout. Though it really depends on how complex the layout is and how much shadowing it requires. That said, I never rush...just plug along and have fun.

I always gather the paper I want to use cut some into shapes pick frames and embellishments and put it together. I keep all scrapbook item that look good together so I don't spend mush time on color scheme or the theme I need. It is easier to keep everything related in the same folders, also choose multiple layout pages that would look good together and you could make at least 4 pages within 2 hours. If you look at my finished layouts the ones labeled brown only took me about 2 hours.

Oh wow...ugh...I voted over 2 hrs, but it's more like 2 days, about 8 hr per day. I'm slow and was slow with actual paper stuff as well. I watch tv or listen to music. But I think my biggest trouble is my rickety computers! Some times I save something (GIMP) and my system takes it's own sweet time, 25 -30, a few times almost an hr...I try to keep other things around so I multi task, sometimes on the computer, reading about a tip. Man when we get some money we are going to have to update!

I am picky though and I usually have to invent a bunch of items in the layout. That's part of why I love it here, in the beginning all I was doing was working on layouts for a challenge. Acountability and deadlines!

@Laura: A fast computer makes all the difference in the world. I started scrapping on a netbook with a super small screen and slow everything else. Needless to say, I've upgraded a bit since then...

Anywhere from 15 mins to 1hour....only have a ever went over longer than an hour a few times, usually when using a template...I don't work well with those! Lol

I always take too many pictures. My biggest challenge, when doing a layout, is to decide which of those pictures not to use. I have never done a layout in under 3 hours! (However I am new to digital scrapping).

I can take me to 30 minutes to more than 3 hours, depending on the layout! smiley

@Rhene, especially when scrapping non-digital the choosing of the photos has always been the hardest part for me! I think digital has freed me of that though. At this point I'm not really printing anything, but doing digital pages for digital viewing, from digital camera photos. So if I have several good photos of one event I don't feel like I have to leave some out never to be scrapped or seen again. Of course with my children being grown now, we don't usually have that many photos taken of one event. But I'm sure this is just a season and when they begin to marry and have children of their own I'm sure we will all have tons of photos again.