Using Vectors (.eps and .ai) in Photoshop

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Using Vectors (.eps and .ai) in Photoshop

I had Photoshop for two years, probably, before I discovered that vectors can be opened and used in PS. They are all Adobe, right? It makes sense. From the responses I have received on my own blog, apparently, not too many folks do know this. I try to bring it up frequently because it adds so many more versatile resources for digital scrapbooking or whatever. I put together a tutorial that shows how I open and use a vector file:

I hope this makes sense and it is okay to post here and like this. If not, please advise and I will make the adjustments. Thank you!

By the way, this tut is all my work, except font the font, which I did credit.


Great tip! Thanks for sharing!

That's actually a really great way to explain it! (I've known about this capability for awhile myself, mainly because I don't really understand, or currently have access to, Illustrator, so use Photoshop for everything I can. smiley But I also like your explanation of vector vs. raster images - I've tried to explain it to non-designers a miiilllion times, and am usually met with blank stares. lol.

Thank you so much for sharing this great tip!

Thank you for this great tip! I have been struggling to get vectors into PS to work with and this will be a great help!

Thanks Su! Do you have too much jagged edges doing that way?

Not that I have ever noticed, Lorien. I just found out about a technique where you 'Lock' the pixels and there are virtually no stragglers or roughness. I don't know how you would lock the pixels before you even open the vector. I am researching this at this very time.

Realize that up until you click "Okay", it is still a vector. It rasterizes once you click "Okay". Maybe right after you rasterize it, lock the pixels and see if it makes a difference. But, no, I haven't ever noticed jaggies.

Sorry it took so long. I have not been involved anywhere, what with some family issues. I hope to have that remedied! My god, do I hope! LOL