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Saving files for sharing

Can someone tell me or point to a topic that will help with file saving? Have two puppies running around and usually don't have time just to sit and go through all the posts!!!!
When I save files to share they always seem to be large and I have to break elements and papers into more zip files so the downloader is not overwhelmed with large mb files. I save elements as SAVE FOR WEB to get the best quality and papers jpeg. I have downloaded kits that may just be 1 or 2 folders with lots of stuff. Just wondering what I'm doing wrong (if anything)?

Do you save in jpg and png? They are smaller. When I make a layout, I resave the paper as a tif, but not until then.

Also, just a thought. It might be better not to use Save For Web if you are talking about elements for a kit, because that is meant for the files to look best in the browser. For instance a layout meant to upload into the gallery would be Save For Web. But elements I want to use in a layout I want to print out (if I were a designer) I'd want saved at top quality jpg (or png) not for viewing on the web.

When I'm saving a JPG (such as a paper) I generally save at quality level 9, this makes the file smaller and you don't lose much in quality. Also, I use the max compression setting when zipping my file. If you check the settings on your zip program, there should be different levels of compression (it takes longer, but the final zipped file is smaller).

Thanks for the input.
I do save files in .png and .jpeg at top quality. I will check the zip program.

Do you save your papers in PNG or JPG? I have mistakenly saved all my papers as PNG once and noticed they were huge!

From my limited understanding, jpg is best for photos and seems to be preferred for papers. Png is necessary to save the transparency so the element can be dragged from the file onto your scrapbook page. Tif will save transparency but layers are necessary and it is much larger. I can't answer much about the why behind the use of jpg but did read it does a better job on saving the colors and shades in files.