What the font?! (Resolved)

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What the font?! (Resolved)

I decided to test out some of templates (specifically, marisaL-layout193.pdf) and I found myself arguing with Photoshop about the availability of the font. I re-checked the download page, snooped around, and on the whole tried to suss out which fonts were used and where I could get my paws on them... to no avail. I guess this is more of a user-error than anything else... but help! Where can I find this magical font, and what on earth is it? Actually if I know what on earth it is, I could probably locate it, I just don't have a clue in the foggiest.

Serious user error. I need to not stay up past midnight, figured it out. Sorry bout the clutter! D:

Sorry about that. I generally don't pay much attention to what font I use. I figure people will use their own font or alpha in the space and my layer is just a filler.