Photo Swap Challenge Instructions

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Photo Swap Challenge Instructions

So I went old school and drew names out of a hat for the pairings.

  1. Send your partner ONE photo you'd like to them to scrap, but don't tell them anything about it. (Find their profile/email in the original sign up thread.)
  2. Scrap the photo you are sent, feel free to take liberties with title and journaling, inventing a little story if you feel like it.
  3. Try and have your layout posted here by a week from today (Sept 20). You can tag it with "photo swap challenge sept 2013"
  4. Have fun!

Lorien & Nan
Emily S & Penny
Sharon & Elif
Harriett & Jess T
Moontje & Catherine O
Liz & Kaleena
Tiffany & Marisa
Kay & Mersija
Amanda C & Janet
Brooke & Amber

wow, picking out just one photo is harder than I thought! AND not telling anything about it - hmm.

I loved this challenge and couldn't stop until I had finished. Thanks, Jess, for such a great BW heritage photo. I learned many new techniques in this process.

Here in the gallery

I have sent a message to Lorien about our partnership in the swap.

@Harriett What a great job you did with that 1 pic she sent you.
Love it!!

This is the layout I made for this challenge with a black&white photo I received from Elif. I found it a bit difficult to scrap a black&white photo and I assumed that the guy in the picture is the one she is in love with, therefore I used papers and elements from Marisa's "Love Me" bundle. I think the mint and gray colors complement the photo well. You can take a closer look to this layout here.

This is Janet Scott's photo

Emily's photo.

Photo Swap Challenge by plgarver1962, on Flickr[/img]

It can be found here.

Thanks Sharon it looks good smiley but I haven't recieved yours yet!

Where have I been?? I'm just now seeing this! Better pic out my photo...

Great LOs so far everyone!

Ow sorry my bad smiley

How come I haven´t seen this post before?

Sorry Nan. Just sent you a picture!

@Amanda: I briefly saw your layout in the gallery and I thought, ooh, looks like Janet uploaded a layout and then I saw it was from you and I was confused. Now it all makes sense!

Beautiful layouts.......this is such a cool idea! I've finished my layout with Brooke's photo and I'm just waiting for my gallery application to be approved and I'll post it. Thank you again for this challenge!

I planned on using your Pretty Things kit for this photo, but still needed to get more supplies. Thinking about doing it again and see what it looks like. I realized after I did this one that I didn't move one of my layers over enough, but I only saved my work to before doing the shadows. If I was using a different program besides gimp it would probably be quick, but it takes extra time because of the size of the papers. If I try to do their shadow in the same window, it extends the workspace and makes an even bigger gap. Maybe I will be able to get photoshop elements for Christmas.

Here is my layout using Amber's photo. You can see it here in the gallery.

Thanks to Penny for being honest with me and letting me know I needed to take out the apostrophe! Especially since this isn't my photo - I want the page to be correct. smiley I've updated the page.

This challenge is really fun!

This challenge was really fun! Here's my layout with Tiffany's photo:

Also, I forgot to set a tag for this challenge, but if you want to add the tag "photo swap challenge sept 2013" then we can see them all together.

@Brooke -- I'm only responding because you asked. I don't generally correct anyone's grammar unless requested (I'm a certified English teacher). Princes should not have an apostrophe. smiley Sorry! It's an absolutely adorable page.

Very intriguing entries from everyone. Good job!

Wow Marisa, that is A LOT OF BABIES! lol Here's my layout using Brooke Gazarek's photo:

And here's where this photo is in the forum: I will add the photo swap tag you suggested. Thanks everyone, so much fun!

here is the layout I made with the photo Lorien sent me.

@Penny - thanks! I had a feeling I needed to take out the apostrophe. I have updated the page. smiley

@Amber, I LOVE the design you did! And the title is wonderful! I wouldn't have thought of it! I like the image repeated several times, and the old hardwood gym floor is perfect! (I'm going to have to try and find some old gym floors to get photos of for myself, lol.) I also like the grouping of definition circles - and what the definitions are. It's pretty neat too, that you sprinkled a few of my elements in smiley


@Brooke I'm glad you like it. I could have gone in an used all the basketball elements and papers on Pixel Scrapper but since you created them I thought "No, she could do that herself." I'm a designer too and my stuff is a bit abstract, artsy and vintage so I wanted that to come through. So some of your designs and your picture but a little of my designs and my style since I did the layout. This is SOOOO much fun, I may just have my creative team do this with each other as an excersize! Thanks for swappin' with me Brooke!

This was fun, we should do it again! I kind of wanted to include some text or word art, but I totally was drawing a blank.

Wow--these are looking great!
I sent my photo to my partner but I thought I would come here and let you all know I won't get to this until at least tomorrow. I had to do a full WINDOWS RELOAD. Somehow I managed to get infected with something awful and I am not sure how. I am very careful and I have lots of good protection. I was able to quarantine and stop the infected stuff from getting any worse. Thank goodness I am seriously careful. I also learned a couple years ago about saving everything in more than one place so I didn't really lose anything except Photoshop Elements which seemed infected beyond repair. I am looking into upgrading.
Anyhow-- I have to reload my PSP program and then I will work on my layout.

words of advice-- save everything in more than one place. Be diligent in your maintenance routine. Save to online storage if possible so you know it is safe if your computer gets infected. I didn't lose any kits, clusters, supplies, settings, etc. Only thing I lost was 3 programs that I felt I could not safely trust.

Here ya go Kay,hope you like what i did with your photo.
I had a blast doing this,soooooo much fun,know i am in a mood for some serious layouts,tho i never have the time for them,lol,challeges bring out the competitive Mersija.

Looking great ladies!!

@Kay it must be frustrating for you trying to get everything you need back on your computer,it does take a lot of time and energy to do all that.My hubby has done this for me many times,very time consuming.

This is for Sharon!
In her gallery, I found out that he is her boyfriend. So I prepared a love layout. The fact that I don't know the date of photo, I just simply date this month. Hope she like!
Layout is here

Emily, that's great! The picture is my grandpa, and it's one of our favorite pictures of him. We call it our "Gangster Grandpa" picture. When we were growing up, all Grandpa ever wore was Big Smith bib overalls, so when we found this picture in a box at Grandma's, we all fell in love with it. I love the picture so much, I've always been afraid to do something with it. You did a great job with it!

Thanks Elif! I like the layout you made a lot!
It's so much fun to see everyone's interpretations of the "unknown" photos smiley.