ELEMENTS: Using Clipping Masks

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ELEMENTS: Using Clipping Masks

Now that Adobe has gone strictly to renting out the new versions of Photoshop, I may end up trying to switch to Elements down the road when CS5 no longer works with new versions of Windows. I've tried in the past using it on my laptop, but it's much harder to relearn different ways of doing things that I knew how to do in Photoshop.

Can clipping masks be used in PSE?

Sorry, I just realized I should have put this under software specific category. (Foggy mind.)

I see there is a way to move it. Hope it isn't a repetition!

Adobe has not gone to just online subscriptions. You can still buy CS6.

I've heard that CS6 will be the last release though, and at some point they will no longer support it... I use PSP so this doesn't really affect me much. I remember thinking it was a bad move though - because not all their customers have businesses & it would scare off the "personal use" users.

Peg, I am sorry I just read your question and Yes, Clipping Masks can be used in PSE.
However here are some links to better answer that question about Photoshop Elements



Actually CS6 can't be purchased now that Adobe is using the cloud. It can be found on ebay for a premium, but even if I wanted to pay the extra, I'm leery of buying on ebay in case it is pirated.

If I'm wrong and someone has a link where they sell it legitimately, please please let me know!

(Brenda, thanks for the links!)

Amazon usually has CS6 on sale as well .... it is Amazon itself that is selling it ....

Some of you are still students or someone in the family is a student. Photoshop can be purchased at student discount.