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Oh my gosh, I LOVE it!! smiley Tailgating is best when "watching" live sports. My favorite times watching American Football games we're spent in the parking lots of the stadiums. I am surprised this concept hasn't been picked up by International Football watchers. They seem like a rowdy bunch. Maybe the cars aren't big enough?! I don't know that I've ever seen a digital day-drinking kit. I've only ever seen one paper scrapbooking kit with boozing... Definitely an underserved area.

@Melo: It's a going to a football game thing mostly. It's not something people just go out and do for fun. LoL
Note: The term tailgating "technically" means lowering your truck gate and laying out the spread of condiments and chips for people to build their burgers. That's how it kind of started. Of course not everyone owns a pick up truck so now it involves any vehicle, a lot of pre-game drinking (alcohol is very expensive in the stadiums) and usually crazy "get your butt in trouble sometimes" type of behavior especially by college aged boys. smiley but of course some boys never really grow up...

Hum.... it kind of exists on Brazil, but is considered a "thing of suburb´s people who don´t have room at home to host their guests", or something like that. They use to do it hearing Funk, Rap or other kind of very annoying music in a very high volume... So, it´s usually thought as disgusting, specially by the neighbors.

Right now, my little boy is into Toy Story, Superheroes, and Cars. I would love to see some kits based on playing with toys, superheroes, and racing/cars. smiley

I also would like scripture kits or art journaling kits for myself smiley

@Tiffany: I have noticed the scrapworld is very conservative in that way; booze and sex seem to be a no-no smiley Than again, they probably won't sell as good, since most of the scrapworld consists of moms and not 18-year old boys smiley I Guess tailgating isn't catching on here, because football just isn't a big thing in Holland. Besides, our stadiums (and parkinglots) are probably one-tenth of the ones you have in the US.

@Shawna: Thanks for clarifying! Somehow pictures on Google made it look like a nice saturday afternoon thing to do with your wife and kids, LoL.

@Lorién: That doesn't sound like fun at all. Also sounds like you have a couple of neighborhood thugs doing that next to you...

@Melo: For your entertainment and further knowledge. smiley Here are some photos of true tailgaiting...
The crowded parking lots: http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/x/tailgate-tailgating-party-sports-fans-crowd-8263625.jpg

The extreme fans: http://www.visualphotos.com/photo/2x3379161/tailgating_football_fans_42-17710442.jpg

The College style tailgating: smiley LoL -- http://www.tailgatingideas.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Wisconsin_Tailgating.jpg

and here's an article, just in case you don't get drunk enough tailgating before the game (ha ha ha):

BTW just to be clear... football is the MAIN sport tailgating started with, but NOT the only... It happens at other sports/games too; especially NASCAR... mega BIG time! Where they actually tailgate out on the middle of the race field in addition to the parking lots. See these: http://www.autoracing1.com/Images/PhotoOfWeek/2008/0824BristolCrowd.jpg

Do y'all have anything like NASCAR? It's where the cars drive forever at really high and deadly speeds in a large loop (more of less) and is very very loud.

I am definitely intrigued by a "boozy" kit.

We have a few racing circuits in Europe, one in Holland near Zandvoort. I have never been there, watched a few racing games on tv but fell asleep smiley Not really my cup of tea smiley Does look cool tailgating in the middle of the race though!

@Marisa: you could do *hips* (the drunken kind of hick-up) in all languages, lol...

Marisa, I'd bet you could come up with some great ephemera for that! I'll keep my eyes peeled on pinterest!

Speaking of "boozy" kits, I would LOVE a wine Kit! My hubby and I made our own batch of wine for our 2nd anniversary and there aren't a lot of wine themed kits. And my hubby is very into home brewing beer and craft beer.
A wine theme could even be tuscan themed or napa valley themed. I just need something to scrapbook my pictures!

Here are a few color palettes. I am a fan of dark red wines myself =P

LOVE the idea of a wine/beer kit - that can include an add one for that day we -oops- drank too much. Sounds neat for a community with so many married with no kids people...

And my hubby would be fan forever of whoever dared to make a kit about drinking and having fun... And it would be useful for me, as our friends sometimes to buy one good beer (or wine) and share with everybody that´s in there - we just "taste" the drinks, don´t drink a lot at same time...

Great color scheme Shellby. If anything, I think we may be on to a great theme for the Oct. PS blog train!

I like it! The more wine themed stuff the better! It will give me tons of stuff to use for my pre baby scrapbook pages =P

I'd love the idea of a wine kit! I like the idea of wine but haven't tried many because my friends are all liquor fans and my family is all beer fans so wine doesn't exactly occur at any of the social events I've been to. So needless to say I have no idea where to start when it comes to trying wines! smiley

the first question is do you like sweet or dry? sweeter wines are usually white and dryer wines are usually red. My parents are both wine-os and they drink mostly red which is what I like. I like Zinfandel which is a bold very dry usually higher in alcohol content.

Are there any wine stores near you like a total wine? They have free wine tastings usually on the weekends. You could try a variety and see what you like.

I'm assuming I'd like sweeter better. I have tried a red wine or two but I can't recall what they were. I've had a red apple sangria from Applebee's and it had Sutter Home Cabernet and I liked that for the most part. I don't recall trying any white wines.

On a side note, I really LOVE the colors in the wine lovers palette that you posted!

I know you have a few kits that are a set of templates, I think it would be cool to have more of those. smiley

I would like kits for young children for boys that are not sports. I like trains, plans, and cars. maybe a playground, or sandbox theme.

Can you have kits that only have buttons, or flowers, frame packs, or ribbons?

just weighing in on the wedding idea (although there are LOTS of other really cool ideas!) if you kept the color scheme pretty neutral (white-cream-gold-silver-black) you'd probably cover the basic things, and then do add-ons for your color basics kits that have wedding-themed elements? Sounds like a huge undertaking though.. hahaha smiley

Kuler theme

"Definitely an underserved area."

LOL! Anyone else feel a kit coming on???? smiley

Shameless plug! smiley I have "Vroom", Amanda & Kendra!

I like this thread. Anyone else have any good ideas?

@Kendra: I do have this Dino Bundle, and I am thinking about other kits for children, so stay tuned.

Thanks for all these ideas! I'm working on some of them!

My son requested a hot wheels type kit, so I'll be starting that one soon.I'll keep you posted...

Came up with another idea, with Fall in it's beginning phase .... a kit with the following items in it:

burlap, twine, raffia, bittersweet (those vines w/orange berries), fall leaves (in vivid reds, oranges & yellow - sugar maple, oak, birch, sumac - and some brown ones for leaf piles), acorns, pine cones of various types/sizes, pussywillow branches, cat-n-bobtails, bare tree branches (for various birds/owls to perch on), owls, crows, monarch butterflies, mums (in raspberry, orange, yellow, red), mum plants inside a wooden apple basket, sunflowers, wooden apple baskets (empty & filled with apples), bundles of hay, hayride wagon, scarecrow, farmer's market sign, farmer's market wagon, pumpkins, gourds & squashes, bundles of corn stalks, a cluster of indian corn w/husks tied together, crab apple tree branches w/the small deep red crab apples (that almost look like berries) hanging from them in clusters, raspberries, apples, apple cider, fruit pies, dried apple strings, dried orange strings, cinnamon sticks, figs, chestnuts (with their prickly outer coating)

I've been wondering about the 'typical' fall kits I have seen around. They all seem to be about fall leaves and colors. Is your American fall really only about faling leaves and pretty colors (*jealous*)? Because here in Holland, it's pretty much only about rain and stormy weather... As is any other season here, lol. Just curious, I only see stormy weather type kits around April (april showers). I want to make a stormy rainy kit, but want to know if fall is the right season for that in the States...

Lots of really great ideas before me but OK, I'll weigh in here too. It would be great if you could do a kit for men that are car and truck crazy as I am always looking for stuff to use because I have so many photos of my husband that is so car crazy. So something that would be more for men with assets related to cars and trucks. I am always seeing others that want to do pages of their car crazy men or boys and would prefer something for men and not just racing stuff.

@Melouise: America is a big place, so I can't say for sure how typical stormy weather is. I think probably everyone is distracted by the leaves, and doesn't notice the storms, although the storms have a bad habit of knocking all the leaves off the trees...

I don't storms are entirely out of place, although probably most people think of them as a spring/summer thing. But now is a good time to get caught up on those photos...