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One important aspect to scrapbooking that we can't forget about is journaling. I'm always looking for ideas of how people keep track of the special moments, and day to day events through journaling. One thing that I do that I've found to be helpful is at the end of each month I write out a summary of that month in a paragraph form, highlighting the main events that happened through the month. I keep it in a document with all the months of the year. It's a great way to keep track of the busy life we all lead, and at the end of the year I read it to my family to review the year and God's faithfulness to us through the year. It also has become a great reference when trying to remember when something happened, or to solve an argument about when something happened! I also put the year in review into my photo album at the end of that year.

What ways do you keep track of special events and special memories?

I just started a new file folder called: Stories to tell. They are just short little stories I might want to scrapbook and when I get to it, the journalling will all be in one place.

I've also been making a list for each month to help me remember what goes on. I'm a terrible journaler, so making a list definitely takes the pain out the process.

A fun site if you're interested in writing more is They have fun badges that somehow kept me motivated to keep writing daily. Pretty fun.

Marisa, I love the idea of 750 words. Guess I´ll try it...

EDIT: I registered and wrote for today, but, after I finished my "words" appeared a message saying that I have a 30 day trial period and, after that, I need to pay for membership. Why it wasn´t on the FAQ, or implied when I signed up? I´m mad at it, because I liked the idea.

Well, already saved what I wrote on a .doc and will do the same thing without this site, because it´s really a mean attitude. I don´t pretend to go to that site again :S

Hmm, sorry about that Lorien. That wasn't the case when I used it, although that was probably a year ago, so I guess things have changed.

They changed it last semester, according to a note on the site smiley The sad part is that they could have written about this fee on the sign in page smiley

I use OhLife! journaling. It sends an email a designated time each day. You just respond to the email like any other, and it automatically puts it in their database. Then when I'm ready to scrapbook, I go and flip through the month or find a particular date.

That one is free, Lorien!

Yay! I´ll look for it as soon as my crazy week goes out smiley

I'll second the recommendation for Oh Life. You can reply days and days later & the Oh Life site still puts in the right place in the calendar. You can also reply more than one time to a given prompt and the two replies will be added together to the same date in the calendar.

One app I have been using on my iPhone is Day One. It's free and is an easy way to save a photo from your phone with a little bit of journaling. I don't do much journaling with this app because I get terribly frustrated trying to use the touch screen to type.

Oh Life looks awesome. Thanks for the tip!

Now that I am retired the days can get a bit blended together. In July this year I started an everyday journal. I take a picture of the morning from the same place each day and during the day I snap pictures of my day. I upload them to iPhoto and put them into folders for each day. When I get time I I copy the pictures into a template I made in Pages and add some notes. I make a new file for each day then save it as a PDF. I then upload it to my iPad iBooks. I worked out I could fit a whole year on my iPad and then I will put them on a disc.
I also made some nice observations pages that I print out to make notes about birds and clouds. I have also started a data base to document my observations of several trees around my yard through the year with pictures and notes.
I also have a cute Kikki K journal that I am using to make a few notes to sum up the week and I print out a few pictures as a collage for the week and cut them up to stick in the journal.
It seems like a lot but I love taking notice of everything I am doing and everything around me. It keeps my mind on the present most of the time and when I sum up the day and sum up the week I can look back and see how much I have accomplished.
I love journaling.

I use a combination of apps to keep track of my life. Instagram, Foursquare, and Instagram and Foursquare don't do dates, everything is "two weeks ago" or whatever and that's a little annoying, but collects all my social networking info from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so I'm able to piece it together, date-wise. It's also got a space for me to journal my thoughts on every day. I don't do that like I should, but if I did, with those 3 apps, I'd pretty much be able to track my whole life.

Thanks for the tip Wren. I'm going to check out

I use Oh Life, and Tasks+ on my Android phone.

I have Oh Life send me an email about noon. I can usually take a few minutes at lunch to note what happened int he morning. Then I save it as a draft instead of send it. That way I can add to it all day, and then I can send it at night. I prefer to do this on my computer, because I'm usually fleshing stories out with details.

I use Tasks+ (on my phone) to add a new "task" of a little story, or perhaps a new saying around the house. I have a three year old, so I often hear funny things I want to capture. I find if I capture the main idea (Chocolate Milk Licorice) I will remember that I want to write about my son asking for Chocolate Milk Licorice, and how it took a few minutes for us to figure out he meant chocolate licorice. This is usually for the short stories that I want to add to Project Life. It worked great for documenting our Disneyland trip while in the park.

I also like to make a note in either one if I have a video that goes with it.

Going to check out Tasks+ too! looks good, thanks for sharing! It's so easy to forget the little big things, and those make the best journaling material.

Thanks everyone! These are all great ideas to get started/keep going.
I found that Oh Life worked great for me because in email format it didn't feel like an effort to jot something down, I could just throw bullet points and a few longer sentences all in there and still get it done.

Courtney's tip of saving the email as a draft is great!
That way I can keep adding to it randomly. Night time is usually too busy for me to feel I can sit down and write and this is why I've failed in the past. But having the email right there on my phone, on computer at work and at home, I can just write whenever I have the time.

Yay for journalling!

Oh!Life is working for me too! smiley

I like the draft idea. Never know when a site might be pulled and if all the emails are on another site they would be lost. In the draft folder they would still be there. Maybe once a week or so the drafts could all be saved as text files into a folder.

I create journals from my sent emails. I go back to what I've sent and copy and paste it into a journal. I edit it a bit and eliminate uninteresting things. It has become an easy way to keep up with day to day events and thoughts.