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Our Next Book

I realize that you may still be reading Wicked, which is totally fine, but since the selection process can take a little while, please start recommending books for our next round.

I will use my judgement in the end to select a few for a poll. I will likely exclude books that seem too similar to Wicked, so likely something outside of the Fantasy realm this time. But, then if it's a really tremendous fantasy book I may consider it, so feel free to share any books you'd like.

An Agatha Christie Novel would be nice. I've started reading some of her stuff. She is (was) an amazing writer. In her time but also still today. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd was the first Agatha Christie I ever read and I was hooked.

Some time ago I read The Woodcutter by Kate Danley. It was very enchanting, maybe we could do a challenge with some sort of enchanting theme??
And one (or more) of my other favorite books of all times is Never Ending Story and Momo by Michael Ende.

But I love books....so everything is fine by me!

Humm... What about a Shakespeare play? It may be Romeo and Juliet... It an easy read if you find an adaptation to modern language, and we can find a version that all can have, in a way it´s easy to compare the favorite quotations. I don´t know how easy it is to find an adaptation do modern English, but to modern Portuguese is easy, lol.

Or mabye a Sherlock Holmes story? Ive seen the first season of the BBC series recently and got excited to read something from Sir Arthur Connan Doyle.

Can we request one that was on the last poll? I'm putting up Eleanor & Park again because I just got it at the library! haha

Only a tip for the ones who want to purchase books from the internet (because we have not much english books at the library): the bookbutler

I am an avid reader and I would love to join in. I don't get out much to buy hardbacks or paperbacks. I tend to order the books I want on my kindle fire HD. If the book is available on Kindle I can be reading it in under a minute after ordering the book at amazon.com

Please consider books available on the kindle. smiley

I'd like to throw my vote in for Agatha Christie. Her books are good for mystery lovers and a fairly quick read. I have so little time an energy that it almost needs to be a quick read for me to participate, but a book club does sound like fun.

The Memory Keepers Daughter was a great book, I highly recommend it.

We've got some Gatsby lovers in the house that'd like to see that one on the list again.

I have just reread The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer, one of my favourite books of her, love it everytime! I have also finished a book that has taken me ages to read, about a child raised by wolves and a stranger who washes up on an Island, and he doesn't believe in God. This was at a time heretics were burned. I struggled with the book due to a lack of interest, but as the end of the book neared I wanted to know what happened. The book suddenly got very graphic sexually - sorry I hate that! And had an awful ending! Now I want to throw the book n the bin. Happy ever after may not always happen in life, but it is compulsory in my books!!

Angela - what was the title of the awful book? Sounds like one I'd want to avoid! I'm re-reading book 2 of the Sharon Penman Plantagenet trilogy - "Time and Chance". Rather large but worth it!

I'm still for trying The Great Gatsby.

Gatsby, definitely!

The book was Knowledge of Angels by Jill Walsh, I think it was nominated for a Booker Prize.

I am always up for a Book Club!! The last ones I read were by Colleen Hoover. I LOVED the "Slammed" series (SLAMMED is the first book, POINT OF RETREAT is the 2nd book...both really good IMO. The 3rd book is THIS GIRL but I haven't had a chance to read it yet). Kind of more YA fiction, but it captured my attention. Also read some of Jodi Piccoult's books and they were good as well. But, I am up for reading just about anything. My BA degree is in English. I have a Kindle that lives in my purse with over 1,500 books on it. I am ALWAYS reading something! LOL

I couldn't get into Wicked, but am up for another one. I agree with Jodi The Memory Keepers Daughter was an awesome book. Would love to re-read that.

Anyone up for a classic? To Kill a Mockingbird? Jane Eyre? Romeo and Juliet? Great Gatsby?

Any of them for me Jessica! I can find them in my mother tongue, which helps a lot with reeding interest and speed.

Maybe Jane Eyre. Romeo and Juliet makes me want to slap people, shake them, and tell them to stop being so dramatic. I mean, Juliet is a total rebound from Rosalind.

Also, if we end up doing Shakespeare, we would need to do it aloud on Google Hangouts. speaking in OP. Not RP


Love all those Jessica - especially To Kill a Mockingbird - except Gatsby which I've not read .... yet!

In honor of Alice Munro being only the 13th woman to ever win the Nobel Prize in Literature I'm going to go ahead and nominate one of her anthologies as our 3rd PS book club read. I think I would like to read either Runaway or Dear Life.

Any Agatha Christie book would be fine or how about diving into the Lion Witch and Wardrobe = Narnia fantastic.

I'd love to do Shakespeare, but maybe Much Ado about Nothing? Or Taming of the Shrew? Romeo and Juliet is SO SAD. I couldn't get into Wicked either, although I read nearly all of it. I loved the musical though. Odd.

Agatha Christie is good. Love her spirit and spunk.