Coming In October...Layout a Day

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Coming In October...Layout a Day

Just a heads up that October is going to be all about layouts! I'll post more details about the month-long challenge when we start getting closer, but for now I just wanted everyone to know what's coming. The challenge will include LOTS of flexibility as to number of layouts made, prompts followed, etc. So get ready to get your layout groove on!

sounds awesome. smiley

This sounds like a newbie delight if there will be LINKS!!!
Cannot wait to see more info smiley

I'm exhausted already. But I will attempt this challenge.


What sorts of things would you like to accomplish with this? Just get a lot of pages made? Or try out lots of techniques/styles? Something else?

a layout of a certain kind of picture, such as a picture from above, and then you can think of the view from a tall building or your face to your cup of coffee, or a layout with 2 kinds of paper, a LO with hearts in it, a LO about music, oh, a journal art seems also like a challenge.....

hum... both.

But my first goal will be advance in my three pending photobooks: 2013 life photobook (I´m still on my brother´s birthday... At Jan 21st... ok, I made some other pages from advanced events, but, officially, I´m there....); 2012 cats photobook (It has made more progress... but it should be finished by now) and the books about my road trip - I´m going to make at least two, being one about a photo shoot session I took with my sister-in-law dressing in vintage train station - this will stretch me the most, because I´m not going freestyle like the others... It must be vintage with a touch of Steampunk...

probably a mixture of prompts that help us get things done, and prompts that teach us something new - something that won't take long, haha. looking forward to it!

I will try my best,tho i doubt i can get one done per day.
I do home school,plus i am a guest designer on a network group i'm in,plus other daily activities.

This does sound good,i will be looking for more info.

I am glad there will be so much to choose from. We all have lives outside of our hobby here so I doubt anyone will get 30 layouts done.
Certainly it is my goal to learn new skills. First and foremost for me is to complete a layout using Photoshop instead of my go to program which has been Paint Shop Pro (PSP).

If I can get 2 or more layouts done each week I will be thrilled. If I finish more than 7 layouts I will also be thrilled. All of this is to push myself, to meet others who enjoy the same hobby, to learn where to find resources (including the wonderful stuff here) and to have a good time.

Sounds great! Look forward to it. So pleased with this digi site. Glad I joined in! It is so nice to use whatever papers and elements I want to in my layouts. Plus I love all the assets available here. You guys rock!

New techniques and styles sounds good to me. I get bored easily!!

A combination sounds good to me.....scrap 'this' kind of page including using 'this' kind of technique, i.e. a landscape using a gradient map warming filter ( I recently saw this on, a historical building blending vintage photos as a background, a portrait made up as a cartoon, etc. We might all need a short tutorial, or link to one, to get us started.

I made a list based on some of the "skills I want to learn in Photoshop" folder I have in my bookmarks.
These ideas all have a bookmarked tutorial which I can provide if necessary.

1. Watercolor portraits (abloom tutorial)
2. PS 5 Essential Blend Mode Layers (
3. How to Grunge up an Element (taylormadedesigns)
4. Vintage look with dreamy photo overlays. (nancie rowe janitz)
5. Steampunk tutorials for any photo. (list of 15 tuts) my favorite is at

These were just the top 5 tutorials I really want to try. If we all added a few we could get to 30 layout ideas very quickly!
now I am off to bed as I cannot keep my eyes open.

I don't use Photoshop but Corel Draw. But this all sounds great. It will push me further to learn more about the Corel I use (for most things it works the same as Photoshop). I am looking forward to the challenge!

woohoo.. so thrill to hear this news! though I might get busy with my fashion line project, but, I think I'm gonna join challenge whenever I'm taking my break. hohohoh