How to upload digital SB pages?

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How to upload digital SB pages?

Hi everyone! I've been a scrapper for many years, however; I've only started digital scrapping about 2 weeks. I found it hard at first, but thanks to online tutorials, I've gotten the hang of putting layouts together.

So no that I have a few digital layouts done, how do I share them on this website? Do I share them on the forum or can I post them in the gallery section?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hey There Skye!!! Welcome to PS!!! It's great to hear that you are getting along so quickly learning the digital scrapping way of life. smiley

As far as how to upload here to our site there are a few things you need to know that I will share a link rather than type all the info out here in this post. If you read through the help page link here you will find tons of info about the gallery aspect of our site. If you still don't find all the answers you need please feel free to come back and ask here and we will either lead you to the perfect place and/or answer it for you. But I think you will find all your answers on that page.

Have a great night and good luck getting everything ready to upload! smiley

Thank you Shawna! Can't wait to share my first digi layouts. Even my hunny is impressed!

SKye: I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to share! and glad to hear you have a mate supportive of your creative endeavors. I know I always feel a million times better when the hubby looks at a layout and says "nice job/looks great", sometimes even a tad more than a scrapping girlfriend saying it. smiley It tells me he appreciates what I'm doing. LoL Have a great day!