Making Glitter Texture in Photoshop

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You should have it. You should load the pattern file "Texture Fill 2."

Marisa, you are wonderful. I am so glad I joined up here as you allowed me to learn something new.... I did not know about all those other pattern sets I could have in my CS6
I just followed your instructions and it was great. A lot easier for matching colours for a kit that making the glitter in Artrage.

Thank you soooooo much for this! This is great for my cards! smiley

so want to try, thx

Thanks so much! So pretty!

Thank you so much! I always wanted to make my own glitter. Funny thing is, is that I just downloaded your silver glitter prior to me seeing this tut!

Great!!! Thank you for this!!

Thank you!!

Thank you so much! I worked for hours to get the glitter for my "A paper a day" glitter paper. Switching between GIMP and PSE I ended up with a pattern that looks ok. And your way is so much easier. Thank you!!!!

This has been incredibly helpful. For some reason the patterns were not loaded into my Photoshop though. I was a little confused as which patterns to use, but I finally figured things out. In case anyone else has an issue with the patterns not showing up in your photoshop once it is loaded then you can go to the link below and it will show you how to reload them. smiley

Thanks so much for the tutorial! =D

Anne-Marie, you should have it but you need to load it.
Here's how:

Thank you so much! It is so much easier than I thought: )!

Sooo pretty! With gimp I do not have towel but this is a great jump off point! Hope ny son doesn't mind all his pages covered in glitter because I know I am going to be obsessed..

Thank you!! Who doesn't love glitter? I am so happy that I am checking the forums and found your tutorials. You have provided us with such excellent tutorials.

Your glitter is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!!!

Great tutorial! thank you smiley

Thank you for this tutorial. I tried it in PSE11- no web pattern so I used the granite. No bad. need to experiment some more. Now to figure out how to make seamless tiles...

Thanks for sharing!!! smiley

Thanks so much. This was super easy and with the added sparkle it will be perfect!

Perfect! Thanks!

I also have no idea where you get the patterns from. Is there somewhere specific we can find those pattern files? Thank you for such nice tutorials smiley Amazing.

thank you, will look here smiley

Great tutorial - thanks!

Woot! Another very helpful and time saving tut. You guys rock!

Wow, I love this, thanks for sharing!

Great tutorial! Once I figured out where the towel pattern was in PSE9 it was a breeze to create. And thanks for the additional tip from Brooke about adding sparkle. Guess I need to put that on my list to download! And thanks for all the embedded links in your tutorials to find other information that is applicable.

That is amazing. I struggled at first bcoz I'm using PSE11 but then I got it. Thanks again!

Just tried this, didn't turn out as nice as yours but now I know how to do it I can tweak it until I get it right Thanks a bunch

Thanks so much for sharing this. I tried to find the two patterns you mentioned Towel, and Web, but I was unsuccessful. Could you link them in this thread. Thanks.

@Tina: The patterns come with Photoshop. You should be able to find them here: