Change in Seasons

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Change in Seasons

Has anyone been busy scrapping pictures of the fall colors in their area? I live in Colorado and recently spent a day in the mountains photographing the aspens. This year the colors are spectacular! What about those of you in other parts of the world? What photo opportunities will the change in seasons bring you?

I'm kind of bummed in that this is my first year REALLY getting into scrapping and i'm on an island where the seasons don't change. I see all these products with fall and think "how am I gonna use this?!" lol! i guess the same will go for winter. I always love seeing everyone's fall layouts though, definitely brings some nostalgia!

I love all the geometric patterns that are so trendy in layouts these days... as an overlay with different fall colored papers, that would be so pretty!

The trees here are just beautiful, and both me and my daughter just had our birtdays so there will be alot about that smiley But it's getting cold here fast right now (Sweden)... Frost in the morning and about zero... brrr smiley So better take pictures while i can smiley

Happy Birthday Jessica! Are their any birthday traditions that are unique to Sweden? I love to learn about other countries and how they celebrate special occasions.

Lol, I'm in the same boat. I'm in Florida and we really only have 2 seasons...summer and winter-ish. Our leaves start falling sometime around mid to late December. They go from green to brown (and crunchy) yellow or red tones. I do miss that.

Where in Florida, Tina? We are moving to Pensacola next year....

We are in St. Petersburg (not far from Tampa). At least in Pensacola you may get at least 3 seasons, lol. It's a lot cooler up there and I hear very pretty. I haven't been there to visit yet, only drove thru the northern part of Florida while driving up to see my dad in Georgia. I'm originally from Ohio where there are 4 seasons and the trees were beautiful in the fall.

Hmmm something special to sweden... that's so hard 'cause for me it's "normal" smiley At childensparty we almost always have a fishingstation smiley Where the children fish candy smiley The prinsesscake is huge in sweden even tho i don't like it very much smiley

In Ohio, the trees are just starting to change. Not a huge change but the slow subtle change that makes me love fall in Ohio. It is always beautiful like Tina said. It's one of the rare things about Ohio I love because once we hit winter, it turns grey for so long!

I am doing a special session this weekend for a friend of mine. Her son is getting Halloween photos done at the park so I am hoping for some color change there to go with his costume. It will definitely be fun smiley I am anxiously awaiting for the big change of fall though so I can get out there and do some snapshots of trees!

Hi Shonda!

What a great wedding photo! Looks like you were married by the ocean?

oh thats great to hear Tina, thanks for the info! i've lived on this island for quite a while so i'm really nervous moving back to the mainland US... not sure what to expect really. Never been to Ohio!

I agree with Lisa, that's a fantastic wedding photo Shonda!! smiley

Here in Amman I've just been dying for the season to change. It was a decent summer (we didn't sweat to death) but I'm seriously ready for the weather to change. Although then it will be so cold that I will have to do all my work from the sleeping bag (we don't have central heat). But I love to wear sweaters and drink tea. We've just had a turn of hot weather, but my weather widget says it might rain! We've only had sun for months and months, so I'm ready for a change. I haven't always lived in the desert, and the few months I spent in North Carolina during fall are some of the most beautiful months I've ever experienced.

Yeah for i while there it looked like we were about to skip fall and past right trought winter smiley But it's finally wormer again smiley I sure miss summer, or i'm still waiting for it to happend cause it was a crappy one this year smiley So i'm not that happy that it's over smiley But atleast i got all 4 season smiley Can't imagine to loose even one of them cause all have something special to offer... Even tho there come times when i wish i lived in like africa so i didn't have to freeze smiley

I agree Jessica! Although I always seem to want the season I'm not having. It's hard to enjoy the end of a season, even when you know in a few months you'll be so cold that you could appreciate a hot day.

Here in Colorado we had 70 days of 90 degrees farenheit or higher. We have suddenly dropped down to 60 degrees which isn't too bad. I love the colors of fall but I don't like the drop in temperature. I am a sun bunny and enjoy my tank tops and flip flops!

Here in Sao Paulo the weather is a mess all year long. Our springs and falls are the "4-seasons-in-a-day" kind of weather. Also, the colors dont change next to solstices/equinoxes, but before, so some of us count them as the middle of seasons, and not the beginning. And. as we are in the South hemisphere, its spring here, not fall. What make the kind of "spring+easter" kits very weird for us smiley

This spring is being very extreme: Some weeks of winter-cold weather, and some of very hot and dry ones. The flowers are everywhere since August, the Ipês (a Brazilian traditional tree with flowers) are awesome smiley

Hi Lisa! Thanks so much!

Yes, we were married by the ocean -- Hilton Head Island, SC to be exact smiley It is my favorite place to go and it made sense to have the wedding there since we both love it so much smiley

It is so beautiful there!

Hi Lorien,
Wow Brazil! That is some place I would like to visit one day. The Summer Olympics are coming to Rio. Are you going to attend?

Celebrating what I think is finally the permanent change to cooler weather with a pot of tea and some biscuits. Woohoo! It's only 80F/27C degrees here today.

Well the weather in Colorado has been crazy! Yesterday it was 83F and today it is freezing! I go from shorts to sweaters overnight. Saturday it is going to snow and then Monday be back in the 70's. What a rollercoaster ride!

Wow that is some weatherchange smiley I was about to say it sounded like a typical swedish summer but then you said snow smiley

We had out second snow (had snow about 10 days ago but it didn't last) here yesterday. It was all white when I was up in the night but the sun came out and took it all away today. Soon we will have lots of snow and I can get some great winter photos. I love scrapping them.

Where are you Connie that it's already snowing??!!

Hi Lorien,
Wow Brazil! That is some place I would like to visit one day. The Summer Olympics are coming to Rio. Are you going to attend?

Possibly not smiley Let´s see till there smiley

Fall is my favorite time of year. I've been out on a couple short foliage drives, but didn't take any landscape pictures this year. My digital camera just doesn't take good pictures of landscapes (or sports, for that matter). Sometimes I hate the move away from film as a result. I hope to get a better camera some day & get back to my real love - landscaping photography. Just need to save up a ton of money first though, as most of those cameras are upwards of $1500. Ouch.

Lisa L. - I understand the roller coaster ride too. We went to a pumpkin patch yesterday, and it was already only 40 degrees. Unfortunately, because we are in corporate housing, we don't have all of our winter gear yet. Needless to say, we didn't stay long smiley

What kind of digital camera are you currently using? You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to get a professional digital camera. A family member of mine does professional work and he purchased a Canon for under a thousand. The more expensive cameras do not necessarily mean better pictures. The reason most photographers move to a more expensive model is to get a faster image processor or extremely fast shutter speeds.

Sorry Lizanne, my question was for you about your camera and I didn't address your name in my previous post smiley

It's a Fuji fine pix. It's one of those point & shoot type digital cameras. Prior to digital cameras I used to take pictures with a Canon EOS. Have been told by a lot of people I have a good eye & my photos are good, but that was before having to switch over to a digital camera...

I have a lot of lenses & such from my Canon EOS, so my desire is to buy a Canon EOS DSLR that will be able to use my lenses (so they don't go to waste). This way I could do my outdoor photography & landscapes, as well as take good (faster) pictures of my boys as they play sports (youngest plays on his school's basketball team). I just don't have the funds to buy something like that right now, given the high gas/food prices & all. My husband's job is a 1-hr drive from where we live (one way) and, even though his car gets fairly good gas mileage (32 mpg), the gas prices have made things extremely tight.

I hear you Lizanne! Money is tight for me too. I use a Sony Point & Shoot digital camera and it takes amazing pictures! I bought it because it had a Zeiss lens, which is from Sweden. Zeiss produces the finest optics. I would love to have a Nikon DSLR but I am like you. It stays on the wish list for now smiley

In Arizona where I live there is only Summer and Winter and we do not get the wonderful colors of Fall as we did in New York.