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Photo taking suggestions

For the most part, I usually take photos of my little boy, food, and landscape. This year, I have taken a lot less and don't have as many that are great quality. Looking for some suggestions in photos to take. Maybe like a scavenger hunt of sorts. Would appreciate all feedback. smiley

I like to put on my camera's long lens, and photograph my kids simply when playing or concentrating on something. Most of the time they do not even know I'm there, because of the distance I can keep. I like this because it is not posed and their personalities show better. Although there are sometimes lots of pictures I can't use, the few that are good are really good.
Maybe try to capture your boy's facial expression whilst building a puzzle, playing with a pet or eating a very sour sweet.

Rhene, those are great ideas! I have a Kodak EasyShare camera (nothing fancy), but I have gotten some nice photos using it. Maybe one day I will be able to buy a DSLR.

There is a huge list (split into monthly prompts) here:

Ofcourse you don't have to follow the daily prompts, but it does make you more aware of all the photo opportunities around you!

GREAT list Melo!!! Thanks for finding that and sharing. smiley

Fantastic link! I was looking for something like this, but have not found. Startrd my project 365 this year first time, don't have kids yet, so it's areal problem what to capture. So my project this time is like - month project but not daily. I make layouts of pictures that i make on some family ocations,but not daily life.

One advice from me. Everybody can install CamWeather program on android phone. You can make capture and use this program to put stamp on it with day, time, weather forecast and name of location. It's really helpful.

@Galina: That sounds like a fun app. I'm going to try it out!

@Galina: I know this is off topic but you look like a model in your avatar! Stunning!!! smiley

For some reason I just love taking photos of flowers! Im not too great but I get the odd good shot from all the hundreds I take. I go walking and stop outside houses along the way and snap snap snap! Lol after just one walk I was showing my shots of the day to a friend on skype and she couldnt believe there was such a huge variety in such a small area where I had walked! So many and sooo gorgeous! i just can't help myself! Once you start looking for them you see some you never notice too smiley And I am soo lucky I can walk year round and never run out of flowers to snap

Well, I think that this is an interesting subject because we all have different ideas of what exactly to take pictures of. Personally, I believe that picture taking is an extension of who we are. In other words, pictures can symbolize our personalities, desires, wants, wishes, and our creative imagination. I enjoy taking pictures of things that mean a lot to me. Yes, that does include materialistic things because I am a woman that loves "girly things."

Whenever I'm stuck from prompts I still like to reference, she does daily prompts, so, if you are stuck and need to get a little motivation, just head there! I've also just gotten in the habit of always having my camera on me.