October Layout a Day Challenge - Goals

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October Layout a Day Challenge - Goals

I've given this challenge some thought, and hopefully it will be a success. Whenever I have a new idea it's always anyone's guess what will come out of it!

My personal hope for this challenge is that I make a lot of layouts. It seems most people are doubtful about their ability to make a layout every day for an entire month, and I hear you! I'm not even sure I want to make a layout every day. So here's what we're going to do:

Everyone who wants to participate should set a goal number of layouts they want to accomplish this month. Don't be easy on yourself, but don't make it impossible. It's supposed to be a challenge.

I generally make 1 layout a month. My goal for the month will be to make 23 layouts, one for each weekday during the month of October.

Now, you may have a specific goal in mind for this challenge. Perhaps you want to scrap some recent event, work on a photobook, etc. That's great! I'll make some sort of general sharing thread for people working on personal projects.

I'm also planning to post prompts throughout the month if you're looking for a little added inspiration to get going. I'm thinking to post a couple at a time every couple of days so people can pick and choose what looks good to them.

Also, if I get really organized maybe we'll have some sort of live event.

Basically, you'll want to be checking this layout challenge forum often, because who knows what's coming. But it's going to be fun and we're going to make a lot of layouts!

So leave your personal goal below, and include if you're working on a personal project or looking for prompts so we have an idea of what everyone is working on.

Also, I should mention that I'm going to put all the other usual layout challenges on hold, so no weekly challenge or Pixel Scrapper kits challenge.

My goal is to make 20 layouts.... Being most of them for my photobook. I guess I use to do around 2-6 LOs a month...

Awww man! (oops too much Dora with the grandkids) I'm going to be gone for 3 weeks during October, no scrapbooking then. But I will be taking photos to scrap when I get back so maybe I'll set a goal of scrapping the trip in the week left in October once I get back. Sorry I'll miss most of the prompts though. They really help me focus and get things done.

Let's see, I do 2 calendar pages, 2 monthly pages, 4 project 52s, 1/2 baby book pages, and I usually try to participate in the weeklys, so that is about 14 I do now. It's fiscal year end, and audit month at work, so...I will say 20!

My goal will be 20 for the month.

My goal for September was 10 and as of right now I've done 12 so I think I will try for 20. As long as double pages count as 2, I should be okay... Please say they do! smiley

As much as I'd like to say I'll do this, I know it won't be possible... Besides, I have way too many photos to scan! LOL But I wish you girls all the best & hope you are able to meet the goals you set for yourself. smiley

I am going to try for 21.

I'm going to try to do 4 a week, and Oct has 5 weeks, so 20 too!! Can't wait for some prompts.

*Although it hasn't been easy, I was able to get my 20 layouts done fairly close to the 20th of the month.
Now I think I'm going to go for 31 to make it a true layout a day.*

I am so looking forward to this!

I had just decided to set aside scrapbooking for awhile because I can't seem to make layouts I like for the past several weeks. So I won't set a goal. But I will follow the forum and maybe be able to find motivation.

I will be working on layouts for my family scrapbooks. I am going to set a goal for 40 layouts. I know that sounds crazy! BUT - one weekend in Oct - I will be going away scrapbooking with friends - and so I should be able to meet that goal between the weekend away scrapbooking and during the rest of Oct too. Wish me luck! I just need to "get in a zone" and pump out layouts smiley and I'm sure I'll use quick pages and layout templates smiley

I really need to get my butt in gear. Have been saving all my inspiration for my wedding album which I won't get the pictures for roughly another month! So I really need to work on something in the meantime. I will shoot for 15 layouts. Hopefully 20, but sometimes I get too caught up in a LO and it ends up taking me a couple days to get it looking "right" for me so we'll see.

I am going to try and do as many as I can. My plans for October are not fixed yet but I know I am making a trip home but I dont know for how long. I will be bringing my laptop and hard drive with my scrapping supplies and of course my camera so I hope I don't go off the grid for too long. I will shoot for 15 but I hope for more.

Hi, I'm new here, and would like to try this challenge. Every year I put together a photobook of our summer vacation with our family and friends and give as gifts for the holidays. I have been doing this for quite a few years now and since we usually go to the same place, I'm worried the book is starting to "look the same" each year. So I'm looking for inspiration from all of you. Hopefully this challenge will get me going - since it is almost October and the Holidays are around the corner. So I will shoot for 16 layouts. Thanks for the encouragement!

I am already cranking out a lot every month for various teams. I will set my goal for 31 layouts and see if I can make it.

I always like reading prompts. smiley

I'm working on a project so I really should be making a layout or two a day (art journaling and scrapbook layouts), but we also decided a few days ago that we want to try to buy a house so assuming that moves along at a decent clip I might be busy cleaning and packing and preparing for a move. I have no idea what to expect as we're first time home buyers so maybe it's ridiculous to think that things can move that fast.

Anyway, I'm going to shoot for 20 pages that can be either an art journal page or a scrapbooking layout. If I can't make that goal I'm not going to stress at all, but hopefully I can exceed it.

Okay! I usually do 4 per week for another challenge, so I'm going to say 24.......adding two more per week. Can't wait for the prompts though. I have to say, I'm kinda running outta steam!

I'm fairly new to this site so I'm getting my feet wet with the Layout a Day!! I hope to do at least 3 a week. With my schedule I'm not sure I can do more than that, but I plan to try!! I'm working on a family album project - well, actually two of them. So this will help keep me focused on those projects so I can complete them before Christmas!!

I have done 19 layouts so far in September - over July & August my average was 10 - between January & June my average was only 5. So my conclusion is that I am scrapping more than i was a few months ago. This month I have taken part in a layout comp which required eight layouts and I always use challenges (across a few fav sites) as a creativity starter.

Just to complicate matters - in September I have had Pneumonia - i was effectively confined to home a lot of the time, and restricted from many of the things that normally fill up my life.

So now I need a goal for October - let's say 22 layouts - and I would also like to challenge myself to use over 50% of the prompts (which is a dangerous thing to say, when I have no idea what Marisa has in mind for these prompts)

I am excited to see all the pages that will come from this!

I'm really new to this (only done 3 layouts!), so I'm going to try to do 10 layouts this month. I have a goal to get myself comfortable with digiscrapping by November so I can make a scrapbook of my son's first year.

I think I challenged myself out during the month of September so my thinking was that I'd take a break from challenges for a few weeks. I'm going to work on a few projects next month, so I'll check in here to see if there are any challenges that will help me get them done. smiley

I just lost my dog who was the dearest thing to me, so I want to get an album done with photos and remembrances of her. I will set my goal at fifteen (like one every other day) and hope for a lot more.

I'm going to try to do 4 a week, and Oct has 5 weeks, so 20 too!! Can't wait for some prompts.

Tiffany this sounds like a good plan for me too. I've been procrastinating for WAY TOO LONG so this challenge might just be what I need to kick start my butt.

I'm going to a weekend scrapbooking retreat on 1 November so hopefully the mojo will be firing on all cylinders by then!

It is time for me to focus on the four photo books I make for Christmas gifts, using the photos I collect from my son, niece, nephew, and an acquaintance. I will check the forum for any prompts and make some layouts just for me, but I need to start making more family layouts and organizing those books. I will be using Shutterfly for these books....I understand they now have a custom path for scrapbookers ...no bleed.

I have managed to do 1-5. Signed up for telephone.

I usually can't find enough time to make a lot of layouts and only participate with the weekly challenges (which really pushes me to make at least the one layout a week). Seldom I make an extra layout for, for example, the kit challenges. So I guess I only make around 5 layouts a month.
I will seize the opportunity to use this months' layout a day challenge to push myself harder and at least triple the amount of pages I normally make.

So, my goal is to make at least 15 layouts this month!

I'm still not to date with my 2013 album, so I will probably work on pages for my recent taken photos including the 10 weeks I spent travelling through Indonesia this year.

I'm going to be gone for half of October, so I'm going to aim for 10 layouts in October. I'd like 7-8 of those to be for my oldest's baby book, which I'd REALLY like to have done by the end of the year. The other 2-3 will likely be for my baby's baby book.

I thought I could kind of cheat on this since I am on four creative teams...but I realized I have product that is just sitting on my hard drive and external drive. Not to mention having just discovered Pixel, there is a whole new world of product to conquer. So, with my commitment to my teams, I am already making at a minimum 5 layouts a week. I will also pledge to do 3 additional layouts a week with product not from my designers. So that is 8 a week...32 for the month. Hmmm...this might be an over achievement on my part. I will give it a go!

I am also committing to use at least 5 kits from Pixel. Time to choose!

I hope to do 20 but with my tendinitis acting up I have no idea how much I will be able to get through. The pain in my wrist has been pretty rough. I will push myself and do as much as humanly possible.
I just got some childhood pictures including some of my twin sister who died in 1996 and I really want to do some tribute pages.

I am seriously going to try to reach for my goal of 20 layouts this month!!!! smiley