do you have any "me"time??

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do you have any "me"time??

hello everyone, i'm a mommy of 3 kids, ages of (6yrs, 3yrs and 1yr old) i love my kids with all my heart but there are times when i just want to give up (i know i'm not the only one) there's nothing more satisfying then
BED TIME, yes!!! for me its my anti stress relief, kids go to bed by 8:30pm and it's mommy/me time.. hoorraayy!!! well not really a "me time" because i have to put the house back in place, so do you have any me time? and how do you spend your spare time?? let us know!! smiley

-Samantha ♥

I'm not a mother and I STILL don't know what this "me time" you talk about is smiley

Hats off to you mothers out there.

My kids are a bit older than yours Samantha, 11 and 14 years. But I´m still struggling to have real "me time". There is always something to do - helping with homework, gardening, preparing meals (they eat a lot more when they grow up, especially boys), cleaning the house, laundry and so on. I´ve decided that I deserve 1½-2 hours every evening when I do things I like to do and not things I have to do.

@Amber: Thank you...

@Jennica: sometimes i do that too instead of doing stuff i have to do as a mom/wife i do things i love, like designing for example!!

I'm completely honest when I say I am in awe of mother's who are active in the raising of their children. My mother is my mother. So I can't say anything bad about her. But the fact that I ended up as well as I did wasn't because of her.

So kudos to you, mothers. You do a hard job.

I struggle with "me time" every day... My wonderful husband encourages me to go out and have some fun, but it's tough when I feel I should be at home... smiley

@Glenda.. i feel you, my husband says that to me as well, but its hard to go out and have fun with my friends when i know they need me home :/

@amber: thanks for the kuddos, it is a hard work but its worth it :)

I have six kids, now ages 21 to 12, and in those younger years life was very busy! It still is, but in a different way. But it goes so fast. When I could, one of my favorite things to do was to go out to lunch by myself and read a book. It was so simple, yet it always "filled my tank". I also found scrapbooking to be a great outlet. Just looking at the colors, textures and patterns of the paper was relaxing to me. And if I happened to put together a layout with my pictures and those beautiful papers, all the better! Now I do have more time for "myself", and even more frequent times that I find myself alone at home. I'm not sure that I like that!

Mum's however stressful it can get, it definitely goes too fast!! I am coming up for 50 years old and my son is now 23. When my son was small, we crafted together on the kitchen table - he on his projects and me on mine but as he got older I discovered that he and his Dad would watch endless hours of Rugby at the weekend and I made that my craft time!! (Of course 1 child is much much easier than 2 or 3 I know.) Now I have all the time in the world but I still seem to fill it up and be squeezing craft into odd corners. Some of my best cards have been made only hours before they need posting LOL

I think "me time" is difficult for all mothers and anybody working. You do need some me time though so find it where you can!

My kids are mostly past the stage where they need constant attention and supervision and this year everyone is finally in school all day. I work from home and I really value the silence that comes from being alone in the house all day. I thought I might be lonely, but it seems that I'm actually fine with the isolation from being on my own.

Before they started school though my husband was super about watching the minions so I could go out and do things with friends. He's a bit on the antisocial side so he loves to stay home and play video games and supervise as long as I don't ask him to go to parties or pub crawls with me except on rare occasions. I know that not everyone is as fortunate to be where I am in life right now and I can totally relate since I've never lived near family or close friends who I could call on to watch the kids so getting a break was nearly impossible when they were younger.

Our kiddos are 2 1/2 and 10 months, so I'm right in the middle of all the muck you speak of. I know it's going by sooo fast, I can feel it, especially when I stop to look at them closely to see how much they are changing all the time. But when you're right in the middle of unreasonable crying/whining fits in STEREO, it can seem like the days take FOR-EVER. I just try to remember that quote about the days going slowly but the years are fast.
I get all my me time at night. My husband is an early bird, so he goes to bed pretty early too. I'm by myself after 10pm. I tend to stay up a bit too late when I get on a roll with my scrapbooking though.

@Susan: in my case it feels good to have some quiet time while the kids are in school, even though my little one is crawling around the house, i can't remember the last time i went lunch by myself, i guess it was a long time ago when i didn't have kids!!

@Dawn: aww that's so cute.. my 6yr old loves to create all kinds of things, he has so much imagination and loves to play with his inventions lol, he can play non stop and i love it, he got some creativity from his momma lol

@Angela: yes its hard, i always find the way to have some me time, i like to have everything ready & i love to keep myself busy as well :)

@Wren: i feel you, i always enjoy being at home all day, i dont really like going out instead i prefer to invite my friends over and have a good time at home, while i take care of the kids!! my husband loves to spend time with the kids as well, so every time my friends are over he plays with our kids and my friends kids lol

@Tiffany: tell me about it, i just can't believe how fast my first daughter grew up, and my 6yr old oh man!! time is going fast, every time i stop to look at them i say to myself: wow i'm a mommy of three and it feels like it was yesterday when i was delivering my first.. and as same as you i get my "me time" at night as well and sometimes in the afternoon it depends!! thanks for sharing!!

Keep up the spirits and your good work all of you mothers!

@Jennica: Thank You!! ♥

me time? what's that? smiley mine's 5, and with both of us working full time, I've got the mommy guilt - i WANT to spend time with her, but I need to be better about scheduling some time for myself to do the things I love, that are ME. let alone take care of myself physically smiley And I only have 1 kid!!! smiley

best of luck!!

@Meg: lol, it's hard, but you need some time for yourself, even though you work full time.. good luck on scheduling your time :)

I have a 4 year old and a 32 year old! Haha!
I never have any "me" time. My son and my husband drain me of any time I try to keep for myself.
Even the bathroom is not off limits to beg mom for something. Just yell through the door, mom has all the answers!
It's actually kind of funny. Even the dog begs through the door.
Next weekend is the Annual World Wide Photo Walk. I joined a group, 200 miles away, and am planning an "only me" weekend at our cabin.
I. CAN'T. WAIT. smiley

I do have a "me" time, and that's when my kids are at school, is the best time to design something, and get things done around the house & when they go to bed, is "husband & wife" time, we get to watch TV alone ^_^

@Heather: the Annual World Wide Photo Walk sounds interesting and fun, hope you get the me time you're looking forward to, i know what you mean about the "bathroom limits", it happens to me all the time it seems like we don't get 5 minutes off until they go to bed.. but kids are kids and we love them besides anything!! have a good one and thanks for sharing!! smiley smiley

@Jiovanna: i'm glad you have some time off, school hours are priceless it gave us time to finish stuff and relax for a while, husband & wife time sounds relaxing, anything to have time for the partner they deserve time as well. thanks for sharing! smiley smiley

›Thank you so much for sharing ladies!! ♥

@Samantha: yes, husbands need the same attention :)

@Jiovanna: they sure do smiley

I don't have any children yet but I've got a 24 year old fiance that drives me up a wall most of the time LOL! I get my "me" time when he goes to work, which I absolutely savor lol.