The Great Gatsby: Schedule and Details

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The Great Gatsby: Schedule and Details

Here's the schedule for the reading. I'll be posting check in threads through out the month so we can stay in touch and keep track of what's going on in the book. I'll have some pre-reading questions up later as well.

Chapters 1, 2 & 3 - Due Oct 10
Chapters 4, 5 & 6 - Due Oct 20
Chapters 7, 8 & 9 - Due Oct 31

(If you're looking for the book, I found this free Australian version when looking for the table of contents...)

Thanks Marisa. I may be slightly late with the first 3 chapters - need to finish a large book I'm currently on but I will be there and be on track by the second date.

Great! Thanks! Even if I'll do less scrappbooking during this time smiley

I found that book too Marisa! And I already read the first page! I'm keeping my promise on this one.

I just picked up a copy from the library this evening so woohoo!

I found this one too: - May be handy if I don´t go to the library for a Portuguese translation...

Are the pre reading questions comming? I'll start reading tomorrow on my trainride from Moscow to Kazan smiley

There's just a little discussion here for the pre-reading.

Finished my Sharon Penman tome last night so I shall be starting Gatsby today - it is so short!!! I am surprised - I assumed it was a full length novel for some reason.

Wish I'd found this site while you were reading Wicked!! smiley I'll go back and look through the discussions. I loved the play! I read The Great Gatsby last year for one of my book groups and then saw the movie. Hopefully I can remember enough to contribute something to the discussion! smiley

This looks like fun, I am late to the party, but is there info for the next book yet?

hmm. been checking out this book club but can't really find much info. How often do you choose a book, are they chosen one at a time, when will the next one be, etc. Love to read - usually have at least one book going all the time. Can anyone join you? Thanks in advance.

This book club sounds like a great idea. Are their going to any more books to read? Could some of us help out if it's a lot of work to organise?

Hi Kathie, Patricia, Carlee and Beverly, sorry you missed Gatsby but Marisa has just opened a thread for new book choice suggestions. New books are chosen when Marisa has got ideas and made a poll and you join in with whichever ones take your interest. smiley

Thanks Dawn, I will get my thinking cap on.