What Browser do you use?

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What Browser do you use?

Do you use Firefox or Internet Explorer or something else? I am still using IE. I tried switching years ago to Firefox and I could not get used to everything and it seemed that I did not like it for other reasons but can't remember what they were? I am thinking of changing again? What do you use and why? Please help me make this important decision to me?

I use Chrome. I also have Opera, Firefox, IE and Safary ( i'm software tester so i have to test products under all these browsers), but my favourite is Chrome!
If you have google account and use Chrome - your bookmarks will be accessible from any place in the world. You have to login to your account and get full acces to your bookmarks. This is very helpful feature i think. And this browser is very quick , have lot's of plugins to use, for example lastpass- to fullfil logins and passwords - you don't have to keep it in your memory.
Just try this one, may be you will like it just i like it!

I use Chrome. Occasionally Chrome will go wonky and behave like a brat, so I'll have to go do something in Firefox, but 98% it's Chrome.
Galina, I tried using Opera for a while, and I could never get the feel for it!

I use chrome and have firefox just in case...

Me too! I have Chrome on my left computer, and Firefox on my right.

I also use Chrome. And as a web developer I have to mention that switching away from IE is a very kind thing to do. IE makes life very difficult for anyone trying to get a website to work.

I've been using Google Chrome for a long time, & I love it! ^_^

I tried Chrome and couldn't get used to it. Have used firefox for a long time. Maybe I'll give Chrome a try again. It's always a bit difficult to get used to something new.

Firefox... IE is my back-up.

i use Firefox and Google Chrome

I've been using Chrome for about a year and it did take a little getting used to but now I can't imagine ever having to use IE again.

I forgot Chrome was the latest one available. Thanks so much for all your answers and advice. Marisa, I was glad you answered too because I really wondered what you all use. So I think I will try Chrome and use IE as a backup.

I use Chrome and Firefox, mostly Chrome. I like having both because I can log into Blogger on both browsers without having to constantly sign in and out of different emails haha.

I use Opera. I've been using it for about 8 or 9 years. I've tried all the others, but I find Opera the best one for me.

I mainly use Firefox and switch to Chrome occasionally.

When I decided to change from IE, I started out with Firefox, then because of other peoples recommendations, I tried out Chrome. I do like Chrome, but for some reason it seems to crash a lot on me... which is a PIA, but one of the features I do like about it, it will open the window again with all your tabs (if you have multiple tabs open at the time) which is great. I never have just one tab open, I always seem to be going between a number of different sites at the same time and want to go back to one with out having to type in or find the bookmark each time. But then I'm also the type of computer user that will have multiple programs open and running at the same time, so I don't have to wait for them to launch each time I want to use one.
So I have IE, Firefox and Chrome all on my computer, but mostly use Chrome, and I love the fact that it stores all my info so I don't have to type it in each time.

I use Chrome. smiley

Glad I saw this thread... I have used firefox for years but am now thinking I might try Chrome.

I use Firefox. It is okay except for their latest update. It now blocks most sites so I have to click on a little icon that shows up in the URL to unblock the site every time I want to download from it.

I use Google Chrome most of the time! It's quicker and I have become accustom to using it for most of my browsing.

I have a few I use from time to time but mostly I stick to IE because I am just used to it. Sadly though things are breaking since the arrival of chrome which I am not happy about. I use chrome if I absolutely have to but I really don't like it at all ....seems like something directed towards children ...no offense to anyone, it just reminds me of a babies toy lol

I use IE and Chrome...and Firefox as my final back-up smiley

I use IE only once... and that is to download Chrome. smiley I love Chrome, though I did use Firefox for several years. I have FF as a back-up (some websites just do NOT work with Chrome, the weirdos. lol), and my sister prefers to use that, which suits me just fine, because that means I don't have to log out of anything in Chrome when she uses the computer. smiley

I love Chrome, had problems with IE.

I used to use Google Chrome exclusively, but I can't remember why I stopped. Now I use firefox exclusively, but I'm sure I will go back and forth more than once again. Internet Explorer has not been a good browser for many years. Back in the day, I used to use Netscape Navigator, does anyone remember that? haha

Marlene, I remember Netscape. It was the 1st ISP that I had too and was dial up. I know those who still have dial up but I am sure it has improved over the years. Hasn't it? Wonder how many people still use dial up.

haha I remember dial up as well. It was the first kind of internet I had. It was all screechy, and you couldn't get calls while on the internet. haha. Man those were the bad old days for internet. I remember pictures loading slowly, pixel by pixel. haha.

I remember dial up also, and when I first got online and would use AOL, and you only had so many minutes you could be on AOL or you got charged more. I don't think I could go back to those times, I love my high speed internet, and being able to download any time, any where, and spend as much time online as I want, with out extra charges. I think I would be lost with out it.

I have a mac computer and use Safari. Love it.

I use Firefox. I tried to switch to Chrome, but my computer kept having issues. I went back to Firefox, and haven't had any issues. There's something (technical) about the way it loads that makes it better for me to use Firefox. I think it's because by default Chrome opens each tab in it's own piece in the operating system, and I like to have a lot of tabs open at once. Or something. I was reading a technical article to figure out which was better for me.

FYI: You can change the settings so that Firefox opens the last tabs you were using as well. It also has 'pinned' tabs which I like. It means my email isn't a huge tab, but a mini one.

No problems with Crome!