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Today I was browsing and looking at templates which ended up leading me to layouts. Boy, have I spent a lot of time on this site lately. I love all the stuff I'm finding. Anyway I came across a layout that I really loved and wanted to see more from that designer. I would love it if you could add a More from this designer button which would allow us to see all that persons designs. Maybe it could take us directly to their gallery if they have one. I apologize if this has already been brought up or if there actually is a way to do this that I just have not found. But the button would be very nice. smiley Becky

Hi Becky,

Let´s supose the layout you loved was this one:

If you go to your browser bar and delete everything after the last bar, you´ll go to this person gallery. Your URL will look like this then:

Note that it works with templates and assets too is a template

Erase the last part and you will have

It doesn´t work for kits and bundles, however... Then, you´ll need to use the search engine...

Thanks for jumping in, Lórien: also, I'm going to fix the issue with kits and bundles, so that they work like the others smiley

Maybe I am a bit confussed now because of what Lórien wrote. Or maybe I didn't get Becky?
But if you see a design/layout in the gallery you like, you can click on the name who made it (left in your screen), click gallery and you can see what they made, right?
Or am I now way out of it?? smiley

That's right Nadia. That's what I do.