Deleting a comment?

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Deleting a comment?

I posted a comment in a thread that was only supposed to be posts for a blog train. I don't know how to delete my comment, so I'd like for a moderator to delete the comment, please?

Blog Train Comment here.

It's been deleted!

Thanks, Marisa! I'll pay more attention in the future! smiley

Is there a way to delete comments in general? I made a spelling error in a reply to Sharron on my first layout uploaded (Pink and blue stars)
(I spelled her name as "Sharon". It would definitely be good to have a delete comment option, and edit post option in time.

Jess, you should be able to edit your post if you're logged in. There should be an edit button on your post on the bottom right hand side, where the reply button is on others' comments. I edit to fix my typos all the time!

Is there any way to just delete a post? For ex, in the freebies section if I want to delete something from my posts? Thanks. smiley

Hi Amanda. Unfortunately regular users can't actually delete forum posts at the moment, for security reasons. But you can edit your post and put in text like:


And one of our moderators can delete it for you. Hope that helps!

Ok. Thank you. smiley