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These will be available on my blog beginning Oct. 1 here.

Here are my two parts, available from tomorrow on my blog smiley

Here is my contribution:

You can find it in my blog:

Here's my contribution. You can download all the parts at my blog here.

Everything everyone made looks fantastic! Can't wait to get "shopping."

Click here to go to my blog

You ladies are sooooo talented and have made some great contributions.

I'm so exited to share the very first kit I ever made with you all and I made it just in time for this blog train!
I'm very anxious to find out what you all think. I absolutely love all the other portions. Great job ladies!

I don't have a blog yet, so you can directly download my portion here. Enjoy!

WOW, lots of great stuff here. I don't think I have ever seen so many large freebie packs n a single train before. Makes me feel like I should have made more! I hope it is not too late to join in. I made these beads for the blog train and have a set of coordinating buttons on my Facebook page.

Hi everyone! sorry I'm a little late, it's still morning in California though! back from a trip to visit family in a VERY rainy Portland, Oregon. And I am THANKFUL for my new niece - she is SUCH a sweet baby! smiley

Please enjoy!

Playful Peanut Studio

This is my part

You can find it at my blog

Hi! I am sorry this is late. First time doing this. Two Very large kits.
Click Here!


Wow! What fabulous contributions everyone!

I think this is the largest blog train I've seen yet!!!!

I have the new blog up and running and this is the first post on it.
"Thankful" is definitely a great way to start it out! It's a full size, PU kit.

Here's the preview and the download link to the post is below the preview.

blog link


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