A good font management program?

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A good font management program?

I enjoyed the topic on favorite fonts, but I have so many I really need a good manager. One that lets you catagorize the fonts, see them easily, install and uninstall on the fly. As far as I know there isn't a good free one that does that, but I hate to spend the money and find out the program is too hard to use or not what I'm looking for. One had a trial that I used last year, but another that sounded better had no free trial. I can't remember the name of any off hand.

Does anyone use a font manager that they find easy to use and worth its weight in gold?

I forgot to mention that I use Windows 7 and the Font Thing, according to reviews, has problems in Windows 7.

hum... lets see if someone has good ideas on this topic... I may use them as well Peg smiley

I feel like we discussed this once upon a time, but I can't seem to find the thread. I am also interested if anyone has any tips, since I've looked around and haven't found anything to my liking.

I use AMP Font Viewer (was free when I downloaded - probably is still free). Its pretty decent. The only glitch I've encountered (and it may be because of Vista 64bit) is that I have to keep the program open if I want to use temporarily installed fonts. Other than that it works pretty good. You can create categories for your fonts, view them, sort...

I do like The Font Thing, but as far as I know it doesn't work on 64bit OS and only works on machines using up to Win XP (I couldn't get it to work on my Vista box), but it is a nice piece of software for what it does.

I also use AMP Font Viewer. It is a freeware program. It's fairly simple to use but it does have a few hiccups. Nothing that I couldn't work around.

I also found this list of font manager's, including AMP Font Viewer, there are some I've seen before but have never used. Maybe someone else has and can give some advise.

List of Free Font Managers

It sounds like AMP Font Viewer might do what I need. It would be awesome to find a free fount manager. I used to use Font Explorer but it got so it wouldn't work with newer versions of windows.

Anyone now if AMP works with windows 7? I'm on my laptop at my daughter's for a couple of days and can't ownload it to try. But will look into it when we get home today or tomorrow.

Thanks for the ideas.

I've used The Font Thing just fine on Windows 7, if that helps anyone...

I'm going to check out that list Tina, and see if something will work for me.

I settled with Nexusfont, it easy interface and it really does work great! When i have it up and running is when i get to use my fonts, if it's not running no fonts. So for me it's a snap, however i think i need to look at AMP also! smiley

I used to use AMPFontViewer, but it always seemed to run slow or crash on me so I started using NEXUSFont, and love it. You can create folders, and add what ever fonts you want, you can attach keywords or tags so you can search through your fonts if you can't remember the name or what folder you put it in. You can create sets, so all your scrapbooking fonts can be in one set, but you don't have to move the font to a specific folder on your hard drive. If you want to move the fonts on your hard drive, you can do that within NEXUSFont, so you don't have to have windows explorer open to move or copy fonts from one location to another.
If you want the font installed, it will do that, but if you just want it installed temporarily, then just run NEXUSFont, and select the folder or set your font is in and only those fonts will be loaded to use, as long as the program is open.

I also like that you can select what text you want to preview, and the color and size so you can see what it looks like before you actually use it in your program.

I use AMP fontviewer, I like it because you can define the sample and see how it will look. Nexusfont looks like it's even better! Might have to try it out! THanks.

btt for newbies smiley

Brandy Ann has this question for y'all: smiley

I have hundreds of fonts that I have collected over the years and I was wondering if anyone had a favorite free program they use to view their fonts without having to install them? I used to use a program called Font Thing and loved it, but the version I have no longer works with my OS.

I went with NexusFont, too...I think back in the day I used one called FontViewer but the newer version isn't like what I remember. NexusFont works on Windows 8 fine!

What is the benefits comparing NexusFont to Amp fontviewer? I am sorry I just can't figure out which would be better.

Also I read and cannot find it now that Windows 7 which is what I have that you can hide fonts and not delete but it will save your memory. I guess that doesn't have anything to do with having a font management program but it is a way to save memory instead of having to install or delete fonts to save memory. Any comments...