Make This Element - Fake Doodle Borders

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What a great tutorial. Love doodles and this helps me think outside the box on uses for filters. Definitely one I'll be saving in Evernote so I can find it anytime that I want.

Today I booked a time to take a look at your tutorials, photoshop really a lesson, thanks for helping me improve my way of doing scrapbooking.

We have wave, too, Mersija! It's Efects > Distortion > Wave. While the effect I got isn't the same listed here, it did make a pretty cool "chalk" effect on mine.

well, isn't this just the niftiest tip - thank you so much for sharing and showing how to do - wonderful

Wow! This is such an effective little tool! Thanks for sharing.

I had no idea that there were many things to do with the wave. I have been curious about the other distort tools. Thanks.

.:.Thank you.:.

Gotta try this! Thank you for putting this up!

wonderful tutorial! thank you so much Marisa! It is very useful smiley

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Another great idea!

Awesome tutorial!

seeing how easy that is makes me smack my forehead! thanks

Brilliant! Just thismorning I was admiring a page that had a border like this and I added it to my list of favourite effects, and things to find out about. Can't believe how quickly it turned up without even looking for it.

Great Tip,thank you^^

Thank you!)))

Awesome!! will definitely try this soon. Thank you so much.

Thank you very much.